The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Make Another Appointment

Nicole had a lot on her plate. The development of the real estate project was not going well.

The developer changed their mind at the last minute about the price they originally negotiated for.

The developer wanted to raise the price by 30% on top of the original price. Of course, Nicole would not agree to it. This project was a top priority in the real estate arm of Stanton Corporation, so it was of great importance.

The people sent to negotiate terms with the developer returned without success because the developer was adamant.

With the stalemate, Stanton Corporation incurred a daily loss of up to ten million dollars. Scanned with CamScanner Grant was abroad for an inspection, so this problem fell on Nicole.

Looking at the records of their previous negotiations, Nicole felt that the developer’s attitude was somewhat surprising.

What was the reason for their sudden assertiveness? Logan saw Nicole’s puzzled eyes and explained, “I’ve inquired about this.

It seems that someone has contacted this developer, Tobias Stone, promising him new projects and high commission.

I think he wants to use this opportunity to make more demands with us.” Nicole frowned. “Did you find out who it was?” Logan shook his head. “No, he’s very tight-lipped about it.

If we look for developers abroad, the cost of a round trip is very high, so it isn’t worth it.” That was why they still did not finish him Scanned with CamScanner *** M. the 19th Appominent off. Nicole paused.

“Make an appointment with him.” She would not let others take the upper hand. “Yes, ma’am.” Tobias Stone agreed quite quickly as if he had expected it.

Nicole arrived at the appointed place on time, but Tobias was a few minutes late. Her face was already gloomy because of the wait. Once Tobias arrived, he apologized repeatedly. “I’m sorry, Ms. Stanton.

I got delayed by something.” Although he apologized, his attitude was not apologetic but rather smug. Nicole hooked the corner of her lips. “Mr. Stone, since you’re so busy, we can make another appointment for next time.”

With that, she glanced at Logan and stood up to leave.

Tobias panicked and hurriedly stopped her. “Ms. Stanton, let’s talk properly. It’s my fault for being late, so please just let me off the hook this time.” )) Nicole paused in her footsteps and coldly swept a glance at him.

“Mr. Stone, I’ll be frank with you. Stanton Corporation won’t agree to the request you made. We value honesty in a person and in business. If you don’t even have that, there’s no need for cooperation.”

Tobias Stone’s face changed slightly. His lips twitched and inevitably revealed his trump card. “Ms. Stanton, it’s best if you reconsider.

There’s another boss who offered 30% higher than Stanton Corporation’s price. If you can match his price, of course, I’ll choose Stanton Corporation.”

Tobias was confident in the beginning. He looked down on a woman’s negotiating power and thought that as long as he was insistent, Nicole would eventually compromise. Moreover, Stanton Corporation’s project had been delayed for a long time.

If they dragged this on, they would surely lose money. Nicole lowered her eyes and hooked up her lips into a cold smile. a “Mr. Stone, you don’t need to feel torn about this.

‘Since business is all about profit, I can only wish you all the best with the new proprietor.” ) Tobias was not given the chance to bargain at all.

If that so-called “boss” could really offer such a high price, would Tobias still be bouncing between sides? Nicole did not believe him. She was just curious who this person behind Tobias was.

After wishing him luck, Nicole did not even look at Tobias and left the room. Logan followed after her. When she reached the entrance, Nicole paused in her footsteps and turned to Logan.

“Follow him and see where he goes.” ) Logan instantly understood what Nicole meant. Not long after, Nicole received a call from Logan.

“President, Tobias Stone went to a club. I saw him with the Chairman of HS Corporation and Mr. Ferguson…” > There was instant silence over the phone.

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