The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 180

Chapter 180 I Can’t Get Arrested

Ferguson Corporation. Eric Ferguson looked at the latest gossip on the internet with furrowed brows. Even Mitchell did not expect this turn of events.t his time, Eric should be happy because he had one less opponent, right? However, Mitchell did not see a hint of joy on Eric’s face.

“Mr. Ferguson?” Eric’s face was sullen. ‘I should’ve thought of this… Kai didn’t have any scandal with anyone in the entertainment industry before… He was just nice to Nicole alone, so openly at that.

Turns out Kai’s also Floyd Stanton’s son! If we didn’t get a divorce, Kai would’ve been my brother-in-law!’ It was pretty surprising.

Eric felt much better about this. However, when he recalled his attitude towards Kai yesterday, he felt a little regretful.

If only Mitchell could read Eric’s thoughts. Mitchell would probably choke on his water.

Eric’s eyebrows sank coldly. “What else?” “Edmund Lynch, the Chairman of HS Corporation, is here saying that he has something to discuss with you.”

“Let him in.” ” “Yes, sir.” Mitchell went out to invite the man in Although Edmund Lynch was older than Eric Ferguson, he was still respectful and restrained in front of Eric.

“Eric, I came here this time to ask if you’ve thought about the West Coast Project yet?” As long as HIS Corporation could take that project, the profits would be enough to sustain their expenses for one year.

Eric looked indifferent and expressionless. He did not rush to answer Edmund “I’ve had people look into it. Stanton Corporation has been eyeing that West Coast Project.

HS Corporation doesn’t have an investment in it, so what’s the point of you asking me if I’m interested in it?” Edmund Lynch smiled slyly and straightened his clothes. He was very confident.

“Eric, as long as you’re willing to join, I can surely get it for you. It’s a done deal, so you don’t have to worry about the rest.

“Mr. Lynch, I must ask, where’d you get the confidence to say this?” Eric’s gaze was affixed to the man in front of him.

Edmund was slightly stunned. It seemed like Eric would not believe him if he did not reveal his trump card. “Well, I approached the developer of this project, Tobias Stone.

Stanton Corporation has been working with him, but I bought him out at a high price. As long as he stops work, Stanton Corporation’s West Coast Project won’t be able to proceed further.

When the time comes, they can only abandon the project or sell it off at a cheap price… )) Edmund smiled with a glint in his eyes.

“Eric, since Grant Stanton is abroad now, a woman like Nicole won’t be able to hold up Stanton Corporation. This is a good opportunity to attack them. Don’t forget how ruthless she was when she dealt with your family.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to regain your family’s reputation.” Eric’s face turned glum and the air around him became colder.

Edmund saw that Eric did not respond and thought that Eric was considering this. Thus, he continued to persuade Eric. “If our companies work together, others can step aside.

I’m sure Old Master Ferguson has mentioned the marriage alliance.

To fight Stanton Corporation, HS Corporation will surely have your back. My daughter… )) > “Mr. Lynch… Before Edmund could finish his sentence, Eric interrupted him with a cold tone.

“You should know that whatever Old )) Master Ferguson says now is useless.” For a moment, Edmund seemed to feel Eric’s bitter coldness.

The coldness and ruthlessness in Eric’s eyes were undisguised. The fact that he could even say such disrespectful words about Old Master Ferguson in front of Edmund proved that Eric had the strength and confidence to do so.

“The Ferguson family is still not at the point of needing to rely on a marriage alliance for sustenance. Back then, I could marry a penniless Nicole, so in the future, I won’t care who will become the matron of the Ferguson family.

However, it’s definitely not going to be Jenny Lynch.” ) Every word Eric said carried a cold intent. In a few short sentences, Eric managed to crush Edmund Lynch’s beautiful daydream. Back then, Old Master Ferguson praised his daughter several times in front of him

. Thus, Edmund Lunch thought that old Master Ferguson intended to set up the young couple. Edmund was so excited as if he had caught a big slice of pie falling from the sky.

However, Eric Ferguson just stated loud and clear that this marriage was absolutely impossible. “Also, Ferguson Corporation won’t participate in the West Coast Project.

Mr. Lynch, you can go ahead with your plans.” Eric was chasing Edmund away. Edmund thought that he could be in the Fergusons’ good graces, but he did not expect to return empty-handed this time.

“Mr. Lynch, this way, please…” Mitchell stood on the side to send off the guest. Edmund Lynch could not hide his disappointment.

As soon as he walked out, he received a call from Jenny. “Dad, Stanton Corporation has hired a lawyer to sue me. Please help me…”

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