The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Winning Is All That matters

Edmund Lynch frowned in shock. “What? What’s going on?” “I just… I just spread a little rumor about Nicole and Kai on the internet.

I didn’t expect them to involve the police! Dad, do something! Suppress this! I’m a celebrity, so I can’t get arrested…” Jenny Lynch admitted to everything.

She never imagined that Nicole would be so ruthless or that Kai would be Nicole’s brother. Now, she had really stirred up a hornet’s nest! Edmund Lynch’s mind was a mess.

All of a sudden, he panicked, turned around, and wanted to seek Eric’s help. As a result, Edmund was stopped by Mitchell. Mitchell politely extended his hand. “Mr. Lynch, the President is in a video conference and can’t be disturbed. If you please…”

His attitude was firm, leaving no room for negotiation Edmund was helpless and left. He called Tobias Stone before heading to Stanton Tower.

At this moment, Edmund could not care less about hiding the fact that he and Tobias Stone had colluded. He thought that as long as he gave way and gave up the project, Nicole would let Jenny go.

However, when he arrived at Stanton Tower, Nicole refused to meet him. Edmund was so angry that he paced around at the entrance of Stanton Tower and refused to leave.

Tobias Stone was perplexed. “Mr. Lynch, are we just going to let it go? That’s thirty percent more profit…” “Shut up!” They waited until dark when Nicole got off work and came out with Logan.

Before Nicole got into the car, Edmund Lynch ran over in a panic. “Ms. Stanton…” Hearing her name, Nicole turned her head to the side.

She had not seen Edmund Lynch before, but she recognized Tobias Stone, who was right behind Edmund. “Oh, Mr. Stone. I’m guessing you’re Mr. Lynch from HS Corporation?” Edmund Lynch was stunned for a moment and did not expect Nicole to be so quick to guess his identity, In his heart, he suddenly did not feel so confident about winning this negotiation.

“Ms. Stanton, Jenny Lynch is my daughter. I hope that you can let her off the hook this time.

She’s a celebrity, so she can’t get arrested.” Nicole smiled and raised her eyebrows.” Mr. Lynch, you didn’t teach your daughter well, so you should just hand her over to be taught by the police.

As a public figure, it’s all the more important to be careful with words and behavior to set a good example to the public. I believe that Ms. Lynch will finally get that in her head after this.”

This painful lesson would make Jenny Lynch remember not to cross Nicole for the rest of her life.

It would also kill her career as an actress. ‘Haha… What does it have to do with me? Jenny asked for it…’ Nicole thought, “Wait, Ms. Stanton! I only have this one daughter…

How about this, I won’t meddle in the West Coast Project anymore and will send the developer back.

You can go according to the price as agreed upon before. Ms. Stanton, you should be satisfied with this arrangement, right?” Nicole sneered.

‘I didn’t take the initiative to settle accounts with him, yet this guy has the cheek to mention it? What kind of family is this? They really are father and daughter…

I guess now I know where Jenny got her character. Her father is just as vile!’ Tobias Stone stood in the back, drenched in a cold sweat.

He had colluded with Edmund, so he was already in the wrong Now, he only felt humiliated that he did all this for nothing.

Nicole swept a glance at the two men. She hooked the corner of her lips and said, So, you’re saying that I should also thank you for not meddling in my project?” She wondered how someone at this old age could be so shameless.

Edmund coughed slightly and spoke righteously “Ms. Stanton, you’re still young. The business world is a cruel place. Winning is all that matters.” Nicole raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, indeed. Winning is all that matters.” a She hooked up her lips into a faint ruthless smile. “So yeah, Mr. Lynch, you’ d better accept this reality.

Not only will I pursue Jenny Lynch’s responsibility, but I will also hold you responsible.”

Edmund jerked his head up. “What do you mean?» “Mr. Lynch, do you really think that without Tobias Stone, the West Coast Project won’t be able to proceed?” Nicole lifted her eyelids and laughed at his naivety.

“Tobias Stone’s second-in-command has been eyeing his position for many years. I went to the guy for help, and he agreed without a second thought.

He even gave me a 10% price reduction. What a perfect cooperation…” Edmund and Tobias’ expressions changed dramatically. They had such shock and amazement in their eyes.

They could not believe that Nicole pulled the rug from under them. No wonder she dared to refuse meeting Edmund Lynch earlier. Turned out that she already found a way to deal with it.

Nicole’s smile was indifferent. “Mr. Lynch, the business world is a cruel place. Winning is all that matters.” Nicole gave Edmund the taste of his own and returned the advice he had given her earlier.

Edmund’s face was extremely unsightly because he had been fooled by a young girl who was just a novice in the industry. After that, Nicole turned around.

Logan was already waiting at the side and respectfully opened the car door for her. Tobias returned to his senses and immediately went forward to beg for mercy.

“Ms. Stanton! Please let me off this time. Don’t give them this project! I’ll lower the price by 20%! No, 30%!” If Nicole was willing, Tobias would do it for free.

Tobias had been suppressing his second-in-command for the longest time. If his second-in-command made a comeback, Tobias would not stand a chance.

He would have worked most of his life for nothing! However, Nicole just got into the car and turned a deaf ear to him. She simply did not care.

Nicole thought, ‘Did they think about the consequences when they tried to trick me? A bunch of fools!’

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