The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 182

Chapter 182 She Bought You a Present

It did not take long for Jenny Lynch’s rumors to spread like wildfire on the internet.

It was shocking that a big movie star who usually never fought for anything would do such a thing.

What most people were angry about was that Jenny took the netizens as fools, so most of them gloated at Jenny when she was in trouble.

In an instant, all of Jenny’s partnerships and endorsement deals were suspended. She even had to pay penalties for causing damage.

Since this matter could no longer be covered up, Jenny had no choice but to apologize for her mistake.

She recorded an apology video and announced that she would quit the entertainment industry to inherit her family business.

Thus, Jenny’s family background was also dug up with all kinds of comments surrounding it. Nicole did not expect that Jenny would be so quick to apologize.

Jenny was smart to retreat nicely with some leeway instead of completely exhausting her fans’ trust in her. In a blink of an eye, Ian Carter’s birthday arrived.

Every year, Julie and Yvette would crack their brains to find the most unique gift for Second Young Master Carter. Nicole did not care much about it because Ian always liked whatever she gave him.

Yvette dragged Nicole to the mall with her. Yvette did not get to buy lan a gift but rather lugged around a few large shopping bags of her own things.

She got someone to send her items to her residence and continued shopping with Nicole.

Nicole was looking at a Patek Philippe watch that was very pricey. It looked flashy and extravagant, which was very consistent with Ian’s character.

However, who would have thought that they would meet Ingrid and Keith there. 1 It was a bit awkward when the four of them bumped into each other. Keith was the first to speak.

“Nicole, you guys are also here, huh?” “Are you blind?” Yvette snickered. Ever since Keith went to apologize to Nicole last time, he was a lot more courteous.

He had no choice because Nicole still had his nudes. Moreover, with Anson as a precedent, Keith was afraid to piss Nicole off.

Ingrid snorted coldly and folded her arms. She was annoyed whenever she saw Nicole’s face.

“What are you guys doing here?” “Is this place yours?” Yvette retorted, not willing to show any weakness. Nicole ignored them and pointed at the most expensive limited edition Patek Philippe that she had her eye on earlier.“

Wrap this up for me, please.” She did not even need to ask for the price. “Wait! We saw that first!” Ingrid hastily interrupted. Keith wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

“Ms. Ferguson, it belongs to whoever pays for it first. Got it?” Nicole hooked the corner of her lips and glanced at Ingrid, instantly killing Ingrid’s assertiveness with that one look.

Ingrid gritted her teeth reluctantly. She suddenly realized something and asked,“ Nicole, are you also preparing a birthday gift for my brother?” The air was stagnant for a moment. Keith raised his head in shock.

A flash of thought suddenly came to mind. ‘Right! Why else would Nicole buy a men’s watch at this time?’ Nicole was stunned for a moment.

At the a mention of this, she suddenly recalled that lan and Eric’s birthdays were just one day apart. ‘I only remembered Ian’s birthday? Awesome!’ Nicole subconsciously hooked her lips into a satisfied smile.

Ingrid thought that Nicole acquiesced to it and seized the opportunity to mock Nicole. “Don’t even think about it. My brother won’t invite you to his party, so you don’t need to send him a gift. Let me have it…”

Keith’s lips twitched as he tugged Ingrid behind him. “Don’t talk nonsense.” In previous years, Eric had never invited Nicole to his birthday party, but he might invite her this year…

Nicole turned to look at Ingrid. Her gaze was cold as she smiled faintly. “You want this? Then all the more reason for me not to give it to you because I hate you.”

She snorted coldly, took out her card, and paid for the watch. Yvette folded her arms and thought that the self-absorbed Ingrid was absurd, “Ms. Ferguson, don’t make a fool of yourself.

Nicole’s not blind or dumb, so why would she rush to buy Eric Ferguson a gift?” After Nicole and Yvette left, Ingrid was still jumping in anger.

That Patek Philippe was the only one available in Mediania, but it was bought by Nicole. ‘So what if she’s rich?!’ Ingrid thought.

Keith walked to the corner and could not wait to share this news with Eric. “Ferg! I just saw that Nicole bought you a birthday present!” 1 Eric’s hand that was holding the phone trembled slightly.

He almost dropped his phone. ‘Unbelievable!

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