The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Where’d You Get This Imbecile?

Nicole subconsciously looked up. When she heard what Ian said, she laughed unconsciously. Two people on the second floor saw this scene.

Eric’s eyes became gloomy. He put down the glass of wine in his hand and went downstairs without hesitation. “Ferg! Don’t make a scene!” Keith hurriedly spoke.

Otherwise, what could explain Eric’s current behavior? Coincidentally, the music downstairs came to a stop. The artists on stage bowed and everyone gave them a round of applause.

The other performers went down one after another while Luna stayed onstage.

Luna looked at Nicole, who was not far away, and smiled meaningfully, Julie sensed that something was wrong and approached Nicole. “Is Luna trying to make a scene?” Nicole laughed insouciantly.

“Since she’s asking for it, don’t stop her…’ » Julie raised her eyebrows and was relieved to know that Nicole noticed it. On stage. “Hello everyone, my name is Luna. I’m truly honored to be here today.

I’d like to wish Second Young Master Carter a happy birthday…” Everyone cheered, to which Ian responded by raising his wine glass. It was a courteous and cordial atmosphere.

The applause gradually quieted down, so Luna continued, “It might seem presumptuous, but I’d like to invite Ms. Stanton to the stage for a performance.

Ms. Stanton, will you play a song for Second Young Master Carter?” Luna was resentful towards Nicole.

‘So what if she’s rich? I’m the daughter of a business magnate too, so why should I put up with her? She was also envious of Nicole when she thought about how Kai treated her. Nicole smirked at Luna, who was on the stage.

‘Where did she get the courage to invite guests to perform on stage? Does she think that I’m a performer too? Perhaps she thinks that I won’t be better than her, so she can highlight her strengths? Or that I’ll chicken out?’ Ian’s smile stiffened.

He pointed at Luna and lowered his voice to ask the butler, who was by his side. “Where’d you get this imbecile?” The butler’s face turned pale in an instant as his forehead broke out in cold sweat.’

Had I known that this young artist was so clueless, I wouldn’t have hired her!’ Luna said, “Ms. Stanton, do you think that you’re too honorable to play a song for Second Young Master Carter? Or… I’m sorry, perhaps you don’t know anything about piano?”

She even deliberately made a sympathetic face with regret and surprise. However, her eyes carried a hint of , excitement and a gloating smile.

Ian secretly cursed under his breath and said, “Nicole, ignore her…” He was just about to go up to stop Luna when Nicole pulled his arm.

She cast a sidelong glance at the woman on stage. Nicole lowered her head and chuckled, then took a sip of juice and handed the glass to the waiter on the side.

She lifted her long dress with one hand and walked up onto the stage gracefully. Under the bright lights, Nicole’s presence overshadowed Luna, who had become a prop in the background.

Nicole stood there in the spotlight and seemed to be surrounded by a faint halo, which made her skin glow. She looked even more stunning on stage.

Luna stiffened slightly and wanted to say something, but Nicole suddenly reached out and took the microphone from her. Her action was gentle and firm.

Nicole’s eyes were cold as she swept an indifferent glance at Luna. “You can get down now.”

In the future, Luna would not have a chance to stand on any stage again. Nicole ignored Luna, turned her body sideways, and bowed slightly to the crowd before she walked over to the piano.

Everyone held their breath and was a little surprised. No one had ever seen Nicole play the piano on a formal occasion. Everything about Nicole was only known through the statement released by Stanton Corporation.

The rest was a mystery to them. Nicole sat upright in front of the piano and placed her hands gracefully on the keys. Everyone was caught off guard when they heard a string of smooth notes resounding through the hall.

The crowd jumped slightly with surprise. It was an adapted piece of Pachelbel’s “ Canon”. Her fingertips created such smooth music with a soothing and orderly rhythm.

It was a beautiful melody with such resilience. Nicole had incorporated her own emotions and soul into this piece. It was not just a regular song, but a piece of artwork and an interpretation of her life.

She displayed her tenacity, patience, tenderness, and change. It was clear that Nicole had a deep foundation and amazing talent in piano.

Otherwise, she would not be able to play such a soulful piano piece. a That scene was remarkable. When Nicole sat there playing the piano, she looked like a moving portrait. It was so beautiful that no one wanted it to stop.

The only sound in the hall was the piano music on stage. Everyone held their breath and even breathed quietly. After the song ended, Nicole got up with a faint smile and winked at Julie.

Julie nodded and handed over the gift in her hand to Nicole. Ian’s gaze was so sweet and tender as he locked his eyes onto Nicole.

Nicole looked at lan and took out the exquisite and expensive Patek Philippe watch from its box. Every diamond on the watch glimmered in the light.

“That song is for everyone, and this watch is for Second Young Master Carter. Ian, this is my gift for you.” Just as her words fell, a hand tightly grabbed Nicole’s wrist. “Nicole…”

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