The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Really Missed It

“Mr. Ferguson, what are you trying to do?” Ian Carter said with dissatisfaction because Eric just ruined such a romantic moment.

‘So what if he’s Eric Ferguson? I won’t let him get his way!’ Ian thought. Eric did not even care about Ian and only stared intently at Nicole with a deep and dark gaze.

The Patek Philippe in her hand was dazzling, but Eric had never felt more hatred for this watch than at this moment, so much so that he wanted to throw out his entire collection of this brand of watches into the trash.

Nicole frowned and twisted her wrist away from Eric’s big hand. She looked at him coldly. “Mr. Ferguson, what’s the matter?” Eric’s lips were tightly pressed into a straight line.

He was just about to speak, but Nicole did not give him the chance. “Mr. Ferguson, save whatever you want to say for later.

This is Second Young Master Carter’s birthday party, so you don’t want to steal the limelight, right?” As she said that, Nicole smiled and carefully put the Patek Philippe on Ian’s wrist.

When she was done, she had a satisfied smile on her face. “Happy birthday, Carter!” Ian moved his arm exaggeratedly to look at his new watch to deliberately rub it in Eric’s face.

“Thanks, Nikki. This is the best gift I’ve ever received! It’s really worth keeping for the rest of my life…” Ian looked at Nicole with such deep affection in his eyes.

Nicole held her breath for a moment. Ian’s gaze was so warm, passionate, and tender that she felt so overwhelmed.

She also could not ignore the piercing cold gaze on the other side of her that was heavy and depressing. > Eric thought, ‘She celebrated his birthday, gave him gifts, and played the piano for him…

That person is not even me!’ Looking at this scene, Eric felt hurt like he was stabbed in the chest. It was as if those memories that only belonged to him were about to be uprooted.

The pain was unbearable! In a few seconds, Nicole lowered her eyes and chuckled. She looked at lan, who was standing in front of her and teased him. This one should be quite valuable in a few years. You should keep it properly…”

Julie saw Nicole standing in such an awkward situation between those two men. Eric was also so dull that he had no intention to leave and even stared at Nicole unblinkingly.

‘What an idiot!’ Julie hurriedly walked over and dragged Nicole away, deliberately finding an excuse to save her from that awkward situation.

“Nikki! I lost my purse… Quick, help me find it!” 2) Nicole understood and quickly followed Julie. “You always lose your stuff…”

“ Eric looked at Nicole’s back until it faded away before he withdrew his gaze. In front of him, Ian smirked and said, Mr. Ferguson, it’s clear that Nicole doesn’t want to see you, so stop being an eyesore to her.” The surrounding temperature instantly dropped to freezing point.

A bitter chill enveloped Eric’s body. His gaze was dark and cold. “Mr. Carter, if you don’t want me to ruin your party, you’d better stay away from me.”

Eric’s aura was so domineering with undisguised resentment. ‘I didn’t come here for Ian’s bullsh*t birthday! Is he even worth it?’ Keith saw what happened and quickly went forward to pull Ian away.

He laughed and said, “Second Young Master Carter, don’t mind him… He has a weird temper… By the way, I haven’t wished you a happy birthday yet…”

Keith pulled lan away and came back to Eric after a while. a Seeing Eric’s cold and gloomy eyes affixed in one direction, Keith smiled and asked, “Whatchu lookin’ at?” Eric ignored him. Keith did not give up.

They were friends for so many years, so he knew what Eric was thinking about and grunted. “Are you looking at Nicole?” Eric coldly swept him a glance. “Will you die if you don’t speak for a second?” Keith laughed and teased him.

“Ferg, are you really starting to miss your ‘ex-wife? > How could he mistake Eric’s odd behavior? If Eric was only feeling remorseful, there was no need to be so angry when he saw Nicole giving someone else a gift for their birthday, right? Eric almost lost his stature and demeanor as the President of Ferguson Corporation! Eric’s eyes sank.

His breathing stalled for a moment. His voice was cold and oppressive as he said, “Keith Ludwig, I haven’t come to you to settle accounts and you still have the cheek to ask me this?!” ‘Who swore that Nicole prepared a gift for me? Who said that Nicole would definitely attend my birthday party? Look what happened! My birthday is only one day ahead of Ian’s, yet everything Nicole prepared was for Ian, not me! If it wasn’t for Keith, I wouldn’t even have such high expectations! Such high expectations only set me up for such bloody disappointment! Damn it!’

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