The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Excessive Naivety Is Stupidity

Keith put away his smile apprehensively. The corners of his lips twitched. “Ahem… Uh… I didn’t expect this to happen either Keith thought, ‘Ingrid’s the one who misled me to think in that direction in the first place! I didn’t think that Nicole would be so heartless either.

That scene earlier was simply a slap in Eric’s face!’ Meanwhile, the two ladies walked backstage while talking and laughing. Julie and Nicole casually found a dressing room and walked in, just in time to see someone coming out after getting changed. It was Luna.

Luna stiffened slightly when she saw Nicole. She walked up to Nicole and was 1/8 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 190 Exce just about to speak when the Carter family’s butler came in with some bodyguards. The butler looked at Nicole and bowed respectfully to greet her.

“Ms. Stanton, please excuse me. I have to take care of a little matter. It will be settled in a few minutes.” Nicole and Julie glanced at each other and nodded. “Go ahead.”

The butler nodded at the two burly bodyguards behind him. The bodyguards went forward and took Luna’s arms, then dragged her towards the door.

“What are you guys doing? Is there some kind of misunderstanding?” Luna knew that the Carter family’s butler was an honorable man, whose words and actions represented the Carter family, In Mediania, one should not offend the rich and powerful.

Thus, Luna was afraid of what the Carters would do to her. She did not want to ruin her career in the entertainment industry in Mediania.

‘If I go back to Korea, I’ll be laughed at! What’s happening?’ Luna thought. “Ms. Luna, you didn’t perform according to the negotiated terms.

In the event of such breach of contract, we’re required to return you to your company and cancel the contract. I will contact your agency directly.

As for the penalty fee, we’ll wait for the results of the negotiation…” The butler looked serious and indifferent. “What? I didn’t…” Luna suddenly saw Nicole standing there and her expression changed drastically.

She was shocked. “Nicole, it’s you–” Nicole, who was suddenly named, was slightly stunned. She let out a cold laugh and looked at Luna.

“You’re not even an actress, but you ‘re quite the drama queen, huh?” “Besides you, who else would…” Nicole took a step forward with her arms folded. Her cold and aloof expression was quite intimidating.

“Ms. Luna, excessive naivety is no different from stupidity.” She faintly hooked the corners of her lips and took out her phone to call the President of Falcon Entertainment, Dominic Young, right in front of Luna.

“Dominic, it’s me. Find out which company Luna is from. From today onwards, I don’t want to see her in any public event or on screen. Try to make her name disappear to the best of your ability.”

The other party did not even hesitate and instantly responded, “Yes, Ms. Stanton. That won’t be a problem. The name Luna will completely disappear from showbiz from this moment on.”

Dominic Young was confident that he could bury an unknown artist in a snap of a finger. Luna’s face instantly paled. Her body went limp, and she almost fell.

Nicole raised her eyebrows with an indifferent expression on her face. Her voice was clear and cold. “Ms. Luna, whatever that was earlier wasn’t me.

Now, this is my doing. Got it?” Nicole had always been frank. She would admit to whatever she did. Why would she need to cover it up? This was Nicole’s capability.

“Didn’t Jenny Lynch tell you that her family’s HS Corporation is about to go bankrupt?” Nicole looked at Luna’s shocked face and continued to hit her with shocking information.

“My Stanton Corporation is about to acquire HS Corporation, but it’s a pity that you won’t get the chance to witness this in Mediania…” When the words fell, Luna’s face turned pale.

‘Nicole is acquiring HS Corporation? In Korea, HS Corporation is also a very large-scale company, even more so than my family’s KXY Group… But to Nicole, acquiring HS Corporation is just a matter of words? She can do it so easily…’

Luna suddenly felt a sense of trepidation.’ What if Nicole starts to target KXY Group … In an instant, Luna felt an icy feeling in her heart. ‘Jenny Lynch lied to me?! She used me to offend someone so rich and powerful like Nicole! Did Jenny want to get me killed?!’

Looking at Luna’s state, Nicole laughed lightly and walked to the sofa on the side. ‘She’s such a poor thing being tricked like that… But, serves her right!’ The Carter family’s butler stepped forward.

His voice was cold and emotionless, “We’ll continue to settle the Carter family’s account. Take her away… ” “Yes, sir.” The bodyguards responded. ) Throughout this ordeal, Luna did not make a sound because she was trembling with fear for her future and her family.

Not only would Luna be banned in Mediania, but she would also be saddled with a large amount of debt. If this story gets out to Korea, it would be a stain on Luna’s name. Luna would then spend the rest of her life in torment. The Carter family’s face was cold as he took Luna away.

Julie snickered. They were already used to seeing small fry like this looking for their own demise. Jenny Lynch was a precedent, but unfortunately, Luna did not learn her lesson.

Julie suddenly remembered something and looked at Nicole. “What’s up with Eric Ferguson anyway?” Nicole raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders.

“How would I know?” “That look just doesn’t feel right…” Nicole frowned and jolted up like she had just woken up from a dream. “Oh, right! I still owe him repair fees!”

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