The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 191

Chapter 191 T Lost the Ring

Nicole and Julie went back to the banquet hall. Everyone started to mingle and laugh with each other. It was as if that little episode earlier did not exist at all.

Knowing Nicole’s identity, no one dared to force her to drink. They only exchanged some pleasantries and kept their distance.

Nicole felt a little tired, so she walked to a small balcony where it was quiet and peaceful. She looked out through the window and saw the glimmering lights reflecting on a lake not far away.

She could also smell a nice floral fragrance. Just when she finally felt relaxed, she heard footsteps approaching. “Nicole, why are you here?”

It was Keith Ludwig. Nicole’s relaxed face instantly had a hint of displeasure.

She cast a cold sidelong glance at him. “Do I need your permission to be somewhere?” ‘otherwise, stop being so nosy!’ Keith braced himself and decided to go over to say a few words for his friend.

“ Nicole, I didn’t mean that. That watch earlier… Why didn’t you get it for Eric? He waited for you all night at his birthday party, but you didn’t come…” He muttered, “Poor Eric…”

Nicole laughed coldly and gave him a look ‘When have I ever said that the watch was for Eric Ferguson? How ridïculou s! Did he get kicked in the head by a donkey?’

“ Keith Ludwïg, why are you guys so full Of ourselves? Why should I go to some stranger’s birthday party? Why would I buy a gift for someone 1 hate?” ‘Shouldn’t they at least figure that out by now?’ Nicole thought.

Keith was just about to speak when he saw a familiar figure coming out from behind the curtains where Nicole was standing. He opened his mouth and shut it instantly. A flash of shock and frustration crossed his eyes. ‘Sh*t… This is bad…’ Keith thought.

“Hate? Do you hate me?” Nicole’s body stiffened slightly when she heard that voice and turned back in surprise. Somehow, Nicole was completely unaware that Eric had been standing there in front of her this entire time, It was just that he was covered by the floor-to-ceiling curtains.

  Eric looked at Nicole with a complicated gaze, but his voice was surprisingly calm. Nicole averted her gaze and curled her lips slightly.

“Here I thought that I’ve shown my hatred very clearly, but it seems that you didn’t feel it, Mr. Ferguson?” Since Eric had already heard it, she did not plan to cover it up and simply admitted it.

It was good for everyone to be on the same page after all. Keith stood there awkwardly and already regretted going up to Nicole to ask about these.

‘How good would it be if all of this never happened?’ He coughed, closed his eyes, and quietly left the scene. Keith felt like he had just fallen Into hell! Eric’s gaze was tightly locked on Nicole’s side profile.

His heart sank as he thought, ‘Hate me? That’s an unpleasant answer… But then again, she has so many reasons to hate me … Even I’m starting to hate myself…’

There were no outsiders around, and no one would dare to deliberately eavesdrop on %eir conversation. Eric hooked the corners of his lips and laughed self-deprecatingly.

“Nicole, no matter what I do, it seems like you won’t forgive me, right?” Nicole glanced at him weirdly. She caught a hint of sadness in his eyes and thought, ‘I must’ve misread it.

How could Eric Ferguson feel sad because of me? Nicole, don’t make a fool of yourself… “Mr. Ferguson, we can never be friends. I know that you just want to make yourself feel better by getting my forgiveness, but…

Why should I forgive you?” Nicole laughed with a hint of coldness.

ty, should I make you feel better? You should feel just as bad as I did if you’re truly sorry!” ‘Did he think that a simple ’sorry’ can just erase all the pain I’ve suffered in those three years? Isn’t that too ridiculous?’ Nicole would never give him this chance.

She selfishly thought, ‘This is not a friendly breakup. It’s best if he can just live in destitution!’ Eric’s jaw was clenched tightly.

His gaze was as deep and dark as the ocean. The apology that hovered at the tip of his tongue seemed so worthless now. Eric was silent for a few seconds.

Mls eyes flickered slightly. His voice was hoarse and rich as he said, “ Nicole, I’m sorry I lost the ring…“

‘I’m really sorry because that was the beginning of your despair…’ Eric thought. Nicole was stunned. When she reacted to what he said about losing the ring, her face sank.

She gave him a sidelong glance and hooked up her lips into a cold, piercing smile. “I know. You lost it on purpose.”

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