The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 192

hapter 192 The Diamond Bits Are for You

Nicole thought, ‘Eric Ferguson is telling me about the lost ring just to stab me in the heart, huh? He’s really cruel… But, after getting used to being stabbed so many times, my heart is now as hard as a rock.’

Eric’s eyebrows furrowed deeper. He was just about to say something when Ian Carter rushed over from not far away after noticing the movement here.

“My Goddess Nicole…” Hearing this name, Nicole could not help but smile. The sad memory that was evoked by Eric Ferguson suddenly became insignificant.

It was not worth it getting immersed in the past sadness. lan came over and naturally wrapped his arm around Nicole’s shoulders. He glanced sideways at Eric, full of wariness.

“We’re short of one person. I especially saved the spot for you. Wanna go in and play a few rounds?” If it was ten minutes ago, Nicole was down to play, but now, she was no longer in the mood.

Nicole hooked her lips and smiled faintly. “Nah, I’m a little tired, so I’m going home.” )) “Then I’ll send you home.” Ian immediately offered. Nicole chuckled. “Don’t even think about it.

You’re the birthday boy today, so you can’t leave your own party early. Mr. Anderson will come and pick me up.” “It’s fine! They’re not as important as you!” Ian only had his mind on Nicole and did not care about anything else.

Nicole took a few steps out when she suddenly remembered something. She took out her checkbook from her bag, wrote a series of numbers, and walked to Eric Ferguson.

The coldness in Eric’s eyes when he saw Nicole leaving earlier still lingered, but it vanished instantly when he saw Nicole walking back.

Nicole forcefully shoved the check in her hand into Eric’s breast pocket. “Here’s $ 40 million. It’s enough for you to buy a new car. Now, we don’t owe each other.”

Nicole’s smile was cold. That was well above the market price, so there was no need to worry about any follow-up.

Nicole was annoyed with Eric’s deliberate pestering and the conversation she had overheard of Eric and Gerard that day at J &L Corporation.

‘He wants to fix our relationship because of remorse? Screw him!’ Nicole turned to leave without hesitation when the person behind her suddenly spoke.

“Nicole, believe it or not, I didn’t lose that ring on purpose.” ) Eric’s face was pale and sunken. I’ll be a fool to believe it!’ Nicole did not turn her head back and strutted away in her heels.

Her aura was cold and aloof, and she looked unstoppable. Ian walked Nicole to the door and watched her leave. Mr. Anderson sent Nicole back to the Stanton mansion and said, “Eldest Young Master is back.

Old Master has instructed for the whole fam to be in the same crib.”

Nicole could not help but laugh at Mr. Anderson’s awkward use of slang words.

As soon as Nicole walked in, Tigger jumped at her feet. “Mama, I love you…” » Nicole bent down and picked Tigger up.

She touched the Hermès tiger suit that it was wearing and felt a little surprised. “Wow, Tigger, your clothes are so cool…”

‘This tiger-striped faux fursuit is even tailor-made to this little tiger’s body?! Isn’t Tigger supposed to wear regular clothes? This is just too extra…’

Nicole thought. Tigger proudly tilted his head and blinked at her.

“Cuz I’m always cool…” “Nikki, you’re back!” Floyd came downstairs and walked to her with his arms wide open, Nicole giggled and quickly pounced over, but before she could jump into her dad’s arms, she was stopped.

Floyd waved his hand at Nicole and said helplessly, “Not you! I want to hug my little Tigger…” 1 Nicole’s face stiffened. ‘Aren’t I Dad’s favorite?!’ Floyd carefully carried Tigger over and held it in his hands like a baby.

“Tigger, Grandpa will take you for a walk…” ) Kai was lying on the sofa watching this scene and could not help but laugh. Looking at Nicole’s surprised face, Kai said, “Hah! Lil N, you fell from grace!” Nicole glared at him.

“Well, at least I’m still better than you. You’re the bottom of the food chain!” 1 Grant walked over from the bar and nodded approvingly.

“Lil N, good job on the West Coast Project! You handled it well!” Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 192 The Nicole lifted her chin proudly and flipped her hair to the back.

“That’s for sure! Big Brother, did you bring me a gift?” Grant nodded and spoke with a flat face,” I got you some diamonds. They’re in your room.”

‘Some?’ “How many?” “About two hundred top-quality white diamonds. They’re uncut, so you can design them into whatever you like…” ) Kai chimed in.

“Rich people are really thoughtful, huh? Big Brother, where’s mine?” Grant rolled his eyes at Kai. “The leftover diamond bits are for you.” 2 Kai felt aggrieved. ‘What?! Why do they all treat me like this?

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