The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Nicole’s a Snob

After settling this matter, Nicole was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Yvette invited Nicole to go shopping, so Nicole happily agreed to it.

Inside the mall. The two ladies walked around and somehow walked to a car showroom. An extremely bright and eye-catching Aston Martin was parked in the center.

Even Nicole could not help but stop to admire its beauty. The design was sleek and beautiful. This was the first of this model released in Mediania.

Nicole was fascinated by it and muttered, “Such a beautiful car should be put in my garage…” Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 201 Nica The corners of Yvette’s lips twitched.’

Look at this snob!’ At this moment, the salesperson came by and saw two ladies dressed inexpensive clothes.

Moreover, since Nicole was a frequent visitor in the trending topics recently, he recognized Nicole at a glance. After all, Nicole throwing $800 million and $2 billion at things left a deep impression in everyone’s hearts.

The salesperson thought, ‘If I can get her to buy this car, I may not even have to work for the rest of the year!’ His eyes lit up and became very attentive.

“Ms. Stanton, what can I do for you?” Nicole could not resist going up and touching the front hood of the Aston Martin. When she was just about to speak, she heard a somewhat familiar female voice from behind.

“How much is this car? I want it.”

This voice successfully caught Nicole’s attention. As soon as Nicole turned around, she saw Chloe Snyder and Ingrid Ferguson.

Standing beside Chloe, Ingrid’s temperament was so lacking that there was no comparison to speak of. At this time, Ingrid looked at Nicole with a provoking and smug gaze that was undisguised.

Ingrid did not dare to offend Nicole, but Chloe certainly could. Nicole was not surprised to see these two people together.

After all, Chloe was working with Ferguson Corporation, so naturally, she would know Ingrid Ferguson, However, Nicole did not expect that Chloe would get along so well with this insufferable Ingrid. What a miracle! “Oh, it’s you, Ms. Stanton.

I was wondering who it was…” Chloe looked at Nicole with a polite and detached smile. The atmosphere was not tense, but it was not relaxed either.

“Ms. Snyder, do you like this car?” Nicole asked her. Nicole did not hear that Chloe had an affinity for cars. Chloe hooked her lips. Her gaze flickered slightly.

“Yes, I wanted to buy it as soon as I saw it, but I didn’t expect Ms. Stanton would beat me to it…” Ingrid could not resist interrupting.“ Nicole hasn’t paid yet, right? That means everyone still has a chance.

There’s no such thing as first come first serve.”After being crushed by Nicole so many times, Ingrid did want to give up this opportunity to get back at Nicole.

It was an awesome feeling to see Nicole defeated! Chloe’s gaze fell on the salesperson on the side. The salesperson quickly answered. ) “Right… Ms. Stanton hasn’t paid yet…”

‘Why does it feel off?’ Nicole faintly lowered her eyes. She could clearly feel Chloe’s hostility, but Nicole could not recall having offended Chloe.

Chloe smiled and looked at Nicole. “Ms. Stanton, you won’t snatch it from me, right?” She made Nicole speechless with one sentence.

There was no blatant provocation. Both women were evenly matched, so this car was a free-for-all. Even Yvette realized that something was odd. Yvette looked at Nicole with concern.

If Nicole wanted this car, it would certainly be hers, but… Nicole raised an eyebrow and compromised. “Of course not. Ms. Snyder, since you took a fancy to it, be my guest…”

Chloe was slightly stunned as she did not expect Nicole to let go so easily. The salesperson came forward. “Miss, this car is priced at $60 million…” 1) Chloe did not hesitate to take out her black card.

She said without an expression on her face, “Swipe it– Ingrid could not help but clap her hands in excitement.

“Chloe, you’re da boss! You don’t even need to think twice. This car matches you so well!” Chloe smiled quietly. Nicole and Yvette glanced at each other, then looked at Chloe.

“Ms. Snyder, we’re gonna continue shopping, so we’ll get going first.” Chloe’s gaze flickered slightly. “We can shop together.” ‘Hmm?’ Nicole and Yvette were both surprised.

‘Why should we shop together? Are we that close to her?’

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