The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 202

Chapter 202 This Mall Is Mine

Since Chloe Snyder asked to join them, it would be rude to refuse. Nicole curled up the corners of her lips into a perfunctory smile.

“Sure, it’ll be an honor.” ) ‘She’s clearly targeting me, right? Why?’ Nicole thought about it all day but could not figure it out.

When they arrived at a luxury brand store, the sales staff immediately recognized Nicole because she had an exclusive global membership and was their most important customer.

The manager hurriedly greeted her. “Ms. Stanton, how may I help you today? We have two new arrival bags. They’re both limited editions with only three produced globally.

Would you like to take a look?” Without waiting for Nicole’s response, a staff member already brought it out.

It was indeed beautiful! “Wrap it up for me,” Chloe said without hesitation. Everyone instantly froze and looked at Nicole. Nicole’s eyes flickered, and her smile deepened.

“Didn’t you hear Ms. Snyder?” Everyone immediately acted on orders and wrapped up the bag for Chloe. As if that was not enough, Chloe bought a dozen more bags that the store manager introduced to Nicole.

Nicole did not fight with Chloe and let her get the items.

They shopped at several other luxury brand stores, where Chloe bought everything introduced to Nicole, Yvette gently pulled Nicole’s arm and said, “This Chloe is more energetic than me when it comes to shopping, huh?” Nicole smiled meaningfully.

When they were almost done shopping, Nicole’s feet were sore.

She sat in the outdoor cafe upstairs, sipping on a cup of coffee. The rich aroma of the coffee instantly relaxed her. Chloe finished paying for her items and came over with Ingrid.

She also ordered a cup of coffee for herself. Nicole smiled at her, looking relaxed and comfortable. “Ms. Snyder, did you have a good time shopping?” Chloe froze for a moment. “It’s alright…”

She seemed to be pondering her words. “Ms. Stanton, you seem to like the things 3/7 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 202 This I bought too.

Don’t you feel mad that I got them first?” Almost everything that the stores recommended to Nicole was bought by Chloe. Nicole did not even ask for a thing.

It was strange. She did not look mad either. Nicole chuckled with curved eyes. She casually flipped her long, wavy hair to the back and smiled brightly.

“Ms. Snyder, I guess you didn’t know that this mall is owned by me. Since you’re so kind to patronize my business, why would I be mad? I’m more than glad that you’re willing to spend money here.”

The more things that Chloe bought; the happier Nicole was. In an instant, their expressions changed dramatically, especially Ingrid Ferguson.

Ingrid’s expression was quite amusing to look at. This mall was the most popular spot for high-society ladies. The cheapest carpet here was at least six figures.

Ingrid was unaware that this mall belonged to Nicole. What shocking news! a Chloe’s body stiffened for a moment.

Her eyes exuded a chill. a “You played me?” She questioned nonchalantly. Nicole looked at her frankly. “Ms. Snyder, you’re the one who wanted to mess with me. I didn’t force you to buy anything…”

The corners of her lips hooked up into a cold smile. ‘Who does she think she’s messing with? So what if she’s been the president of her company for a long time? When she’s still in college, I’ve already started my career in Europe!’ Nicole thought.

The surrounding atmosphere was silent for a moment with a harsh chill.

Chloe had been in the industry for a long time and could kill those high-society ladies with one look. However, Chloe could not see through Nicole.

Chloe’s aura and actions also had no effect on Nicole. Nicole was simply impervious and unfazed. The air was stagnant for a while. Chloe let out a cold laugh.

“Alright, I lost this time. No wonder those men like to flock around you, Ms. Stanton, you’re really different.” ‘Those men?’ Nicole was perplexed.

Besides the annoying and clingy Ian, who else was there?’ However, Nicole finally understood something ‘Don’t tell me that Chloe’s enmity is because of Ian?’ It suddenly dawned on Nicole.

“Ms. Snyder, are you targeting me because of Ian Carter?”

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