The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 203

Chapter 203 If You Don’t Like It, Just Bear With It

Nicole rested her elbows on the coffee table, cupped her face with both hands, and asked Chloe the question with a tilt of her head.

one second… Two seconds… Three seconds… There was no answer from Chloe, so she acquiesced to it. Nicole smiled knowingly.

Having her innermost thoughts exposed, Chloe’s calm and emotionless eyes finally carried a hint of annoyance, “I just can’t stand seeing you treating others like a side dish.

Do you think it’s very fulfilling?” Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 203 If Yo With It “What?” Chloe’s words were harsh to hear.

“Am I wrong? Second Young Master Carter has feelings for you, but you just keep leading him on. Is that not treating him like a side dish?” Chloe questioned Nicole bluntly.

Yvette could not help but speak up. When did you ever see Nicole leading Ian on? What do you know about our relationship anyway?” Chloe looked embarrassed, but she still refused to back down.

“Just because you’re close friends, it’s fine for Ms. Stanton to play with his feelings without any guilt?” Nicole’s face sank slightly. Her good temper and patience were worn out. “Play with his feelings?” Nicole sneered.

“Ms. Snyder, which eye of yours saw me toying with Ian? This has all been Ian’s one-sided wishful thinking.” “) ‘I’m exhausted dealing with him…

How did I become a f*ckgirl who toys around with other people’s feelings?! She’s treating me like I’m a scumbag? Unbelievable! How ridiculous!’ Nicole thought. Chloe clenched her teeth.

Her face was taut, and her aura was oppressive. “If you don’t like him, you should just cut off all his hopes. Isn’t leading him on and still being so friendly with him toying with his feelings?” If this were anyone else, they would have freaked out.

However, Nicole just snorted lightly. “Ms. Snyder, do you think that I must cut off all ties with lan to reject him?” 3/7 Scanned with CamScanner With it Chloe did not answer, but that was what she meant.

‘Ridiculous!’ Nicole glanced at Chloe’s expressionless face. ‘Chloe probably planned this little show of dominance for a long time, huh?’ Nicole and Ian were childhood friends who grew up together.

She had been actively ignoring Ian’s advances to her. Nicole even blatantly rejected him a dozen times. Thus, she had a clear conscience on this.

Even if they could not be together romantically, there was no need to break their years of friendship.

‘Is Chloe Snyder insane?’ Nicole hooked her lips and smiled insouciantly, Her voice was nonchalant as she said, “ Ms. Snyder, I guess you’ve never had the With it opportunity to reject others.

Not all male and female friendships have to be romantic. Ian’s the one who wanted to break out of the friendzone and take this relationship further, but I didn’t give him the chance.

Otherwise, I would’ve just accepted that piece of land.” ) There were some things that Nicole need not say too clearly. If Chloe had a brain, she should know that the problem was not with Nicole.

‘What right did she have to come over to give me a hard time about this?’ Nicole thought. Chloe’s face stiffened slightly. She looked away and was relentless.

“I think that you ‘re just looking for other options while refusing to let go of him.”

She was hostile. Yvette snorted and could not stand it any longer. “What the hell is wrong with you? Nicole made it very clear that we’re all childhood friends and that it’s impossible for her and lan to just cut off their friendship.

If you like Ian so much, you can go after him yourself! Do you think that Ian not liking you is Nicole’s fault?” ‘Who the hell does she think she is? Who is she trying to flaunt around and act all high and mighty for?’ Yvette could not tolerate Chloe’s insufferable attitude.

Chloe’s face turned glum for a moment. There was a heaviness and forbearance in her eyes.

However, Chloe was used to all kinds of scenes, having been in the industry for so long, so she was very good at hiding her emotions.

Soon, Chloe calmed down. She looked at them indifferently. “Whoever Ian Carter likes is his business. I just don’t like seeing Ms. Stanton playing with other people’s feelings.”

‘Is she so dumb that she still can’t understand?!’ Yvette was just about to slap the table and get up when Nicole pulled her arm. Nicole smiled and stood up. “Forget it, it’s pointless to say any more.”

“Ms. Stanton, I take this as your admission?” Chloe’s smile was cold. Nicole looked at her and hooked her lips. Her smile gradually widened into a mocking arc.

“Ms. Snyder, no one can meddle in my affairs. If you don’t like to see it, just bear with it.” ‘No one forced you to look anyway.’ Nicole thought.

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