The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Why Did You Invite Me?

Nicole laughed coldly. She did not know whether she was laughing at Chloe Snyder ‘s childishness or stupidity. She pulled Yvette’s arm, turned on her heels, and walked out of the cafe.

Outside, the sun was shining brightly, and the sky was clear. It was a good day. The gloom in Nicole’s heart also dissipated.

Once Yvette came out, she said indignantly, “Chloe Snyder’s a good businesswoman, but unfortunately, she has no brain. No wonder no one dares to pursue her.”

Nicole laughed. Back then when the Snyder family was in trouble, some people were trying to get their hands on the Snyders’ family fortune.

They wanted to use Chloe Snyder to take control of those assets. However, Chloe Snyder was able to hold up the Snyder family by herself and did not give anyone a chance to dupe her.

Chloe’s style in business had always been ruthless, decisive, and concise. As long as it did not violate the law, Chloe was willing to do anything to achieve her purpose.

It was for this reason that Chloe Snyder did not have many admirers. Nicole lowered her head and chuckled, “I guess she’s really here for lan this time..,’

Yvette had a sympathetic look. “Ian won’t like this type of woman. She’s just wasting her effort.” Nicole raised her eyebrows. “That’s hard to say.”

‘Chloe isn’t someone who would waste her effort…) Yvette was just about to ask her why when she saw a car slowly pulling up in front of them. It was a Range Rover.

The back seat window was lowered, revealing a cold, handsome face. “Get in…” Eric looked at Nicole. His voice ) was mellow and magnetic.

Nicole froze for a moment and looked away with impatience. She immediately pulled Yvette and left in another direction.

‘With Chloe Snyder and Eric Ferguson pestering me, nothing’ s going my way today!’ “Nicole, do you want that piece of land?” Eric suddenly asked. Nicole was slightly stunned and stopped in her tracks.

She turned to look at him. “What do you mean?” a ‘Isn’t that piece of land already his? I don’t know what he’s thinking about buying it at such a high price, but then again, Ferguson Corporation is rich and powerful, so I guess they must have a way to get back their cost.’

Eric looked at her with a dark gaze. a “You can cooperate with me. If that project goes as planned, Stanton Corporation’s cost will be reduced by two-thirds.” Nicole laughed disdainfully.

“Of course, that also means that the profit will be reduced. Such a meager sum isn’t worth the effort…” ‘A three-way cooperation? Looks like Eric is planning to get Chloe to join in as well.

I wonder what agreement those two have reached…” This situation was indeed puzzling for Nicole. Ferguson Corporation could very well develop this piece of land by themselves.

Why would Eric Ferguson be willing to give someone else a slice of his pie? It was truly incomprehensible. Nicole was just about to leave when Eric spoke again.

“Nicole, do you think I’m putting in so much effort just for this piece of land? This piece of land is surrounded by scientific research institutes and educational institutions.

If the full potential of this land is realized, then all the surrounding area’s value will increase. So, do you still think that we’re really just fighting for a piece of land?” His voice was cold but filled with patience.

Eric opened the car door and got out of the car. His tall figure towered over Nicole. Watching the change of expression on her face, Eric was satisfied and continued his pitch.

“In less than five years, this place will become the economic, scientific, medical, and educational hub of the entire city.

Don’t you want to be a part of it?” Nicole’s hands were clenched tightly as she tried to suppress the excitement in her heart. What he said was truly moving.

It was definitely not just a piece of land. Rather, it was the significance of what future development could bring. It might even become the Silicon Valley of Mediania.

By then, they would be swimming in prosperity! However, Nicole was not yet overwhelmed by the excitement of making money.

She raised her eyes gently and frowned at him. Nicole was still perplexed. “I don’t understand… Mr. Ferguson, your blueprint is so flawless, so why did you invite me?” Eric could just do this by himself.

If he succeeded, he would be able to surpass Stanton Corporation. By then, Stanton Corporation would be like a speck of dust to Eric Ferguson. Why…?

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