The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Is This Compensation?

Eric’s eyebrows were sunken. His eyes were imperceptible and bottomless like the ocean. The corners of his lips were taut as he ☆ stared at Nicole.

Their eyes met, and time seemed to stop for an instant. After a while, Nicole retracted her gaze and lowered her eyes slightly. Her face was indifferent.

This project was a sure win. There was no risk to speak of and was different from J&L Corporation’s artificial intelligence project, ‘So… Why?’ Nicole was baffled. Eric paused and hesitated slightly.

“There no specific reason. You can choose to say yes or no.” Nicole heard this and felt her heart sinking She seemed to realize something.

Nicole hooked up the corners of her lips mockingly and said, “Mr. Ferguson, you’ re deliberately giving me this as compensation for the divorce, right?” She could not think of any other reason but that.

Perhaps Nicole’s words were a test. If Eric dared to say a yes, her slap would land on his face at the same moment. If she was not the heiress of Stanton Corporation, would Eric Ferguson be so thoughtful to an ordinary woman? ‘Is he trying to ease our relationship for the sake of his own conscience? He’s using a few hundred billion in profits to ease the relationship between the two families.

How generous of him…’ After a few seconds of silence, Yvette looked at the two of them and pulled Nicole’s wrist. She coughed and said, “Mr. Ferguson, there’s no hurry for an answer, right? Who knows if this is a trap you set? How about this…

Let Nicole go back and discuss it with her executives. I guess there’s no rush, right?” Nicole subconsciously looked at Yvette, puzzled. Yvette winked at her.

Eric noticed the interaction between the two ladies and nodded in agreement. That was unexpected. Nicole walked away with Yvette. This time, Eric did not stop them.

When they got into their car, Nicole could not help but ask, “Why didn’t you just wait for his answer?” Yvette smiled at her and snorted.

“Would Eric Ferguson deliberately set a trap for your family?” There was silence. ) Nicole replied, “I don’t think so.”

Although their families were not that close, they had maintained a basic courtesy and cooperative relationship. “If that’s the case, this is a sure-fire deal! Why do you want to turn it down?” Nicole frowned slightly.

She cared about Eric’s answer to that question. If it was compensation, Nicole did not want it! Yvette sighed and saw through her thoughts.

“Nikki, why do you have to care so much about his answer?”‘If you care so much, did you really forget about him?’ Yvette thought.

In an instant, Nicole felt like a bucket of cold water poured down on her, which instantly sobered her up. “Whether it’s divorce compensation or not, this is a gold mountain landing right in your path.

You’re not stealing or doing anything illegal for it, so why would you say no to all this money?” Yvette was persuading Nicole to just accept the money! Although they were all very rich, they would not mind getting more wealth.

Nicole froze for a moment. Her eyes glowed as she looked at Yvette. “You little money-grubber!” Suddenly, Nicole felt that what Yvette said simply made too much sense! ‘What was I dwelling on? Why would а give up such a good opportunity for nothing?’ Yvette raised her eyebrows.

“Since I took over my mother’s company, I won’t let off any opportunity easily!” go Nicole smiled approvingly and wanted to clap for her.

“You’re right! Whether it’s compensation or not, it’s mine. If he likes to compensate me so much, I should just take it!” It was not like she was not forking out anything.

Stanton Corporation would pay its share and would not stinge on a single cent. Although the decision was made, Nicole did not reply to Eric immediately.

It was not the right time yet. Once she got back home, Nicole took a shower and received a call from Ian a Carter when she came out of the bathroom.

“Nikki! You’re so heartless! How can you give that piece of land to that son of a b* a tch Eric Ferguson?!”

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