The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 212

Chapter 212 The Lost Ring

Eric’s face was taut. After a moment, he nodded his head in agreement. “Okay.” He unconditionally agreed with the compensation she asked for although dealing with it might be a bit troublesome.

However, Eric finally felt relieved. “She’s willing to accept my compensation, so does that mean our relationship is still salvageable?’ Nicole was not surprised by his agreement.

At that moment, she stood up and walked behind her desk. “I’ll have someone work out the details with Ferguson Corporation.

Let’s keep this cooperation private and confidential for now…” ») Eric had the same thoughts. After all, the project had just started, so it was not appropriate to be too high-profile.

Looking at Nicole’s actions, she was probably about to send him out the next second Since things between them had just started to ease up, it was better to avoid any unpleasant arguments.

Eric stood up after some thought. “Then I’ll head back. ” Before he could finish his sentence, his eyes were affixed to an adult-height bronze tree sculpture behind Nicole.

His face instantly stiffened. If he was not mistaken, this bronze tree was designed by a famous sculptor from Sweden that had a modern twist on Central European ornamental sculpture.

It was a unique design in the world, so naturally, it was very expensive. However, what shocked him most was not the tree.

The branches stuck out diagonally. There was a bright refracted light coming from one of the branches near the window.

It was a diamond that was attached to a ring It was his lost wedding ring! Eric’s breathing stopped for a moment. His face was tense and extremely shocked.

That thing that he felt great remorse after losing appeared here? Nicole saw that Eric had not left yet and raised her head insouciantly.

“Mr. Ferguson, since we’re done talking ….” Nicole frowned slightly when she saw the expression on his face. Eric took a few steps forward and stood in front of her.

The corners of his lips trembled slightly. The oppressive feeling in his chest at that moment made him feel so lost and heavy like he was falling into an abyss.

His eyes were deep and dark as he stared at Nicole. Nicole’s subconscious reaction of resistance, doubt, and disgust made his eyes sink slightly.

He stood in front of her and reached out to touch the pair of rings that were hanging on the branches of the bronze tree. Nicole noticed his movement.

Her face instantly became cold and sullen, Without hesitation, she reached out and pushed him away, which made Eric stumble a few steps back. His fingers were now further away from the pair of rings.

The man’s eyes were deep and sullen with pain and complexity in them. Nicole’s voice turned cold. “Mr. Ferguson, you may leave since we’re done discussing.” )) If he stayed any longer, she was afraid that she would just beat him up. Her lowly self in that suffocating past was the last thing that Nicole wanted to recall.

She did not want to suffer for the rest of her life just because she fell in love with Eric Ferguson for those few years. “Nicole, why is my ring here?” His mellow voice was a little hoarse as he asked with difficulty.

‘Didn’t I lose it? Why is it here?’ Eric thought. Before the elation of finding his lost ring had reached his eyes, Nicole’s cold resistance was already mocking his wishful thinking.

“Mr. Ferguson, this is my ring, not yours.” What did he give her for their marriage besides those two documents? Nicole was the one who bought the ring. The pain was also hers to bear.

The hope that Nicole handed to him was discarded by him like trash. Then, what did it have to do with him now? The corners of Eric’s lips were tightly pressed into a straight line.

The deeply hidden pain, remorse, repression, and forbearance in his eyes came flooding out. “I’m sorry…” “ It sounded simple and solemn.

Besides this apology, Eric no longer knew how they could overcome the past. Nicole hooked the corners of her lips in disdain.

“There’s no need to say these useless things. I’ve already seen your sincerity when you agree to my conditions.” That was enough for her.

They were all adults, so there was no need to say such sentimental, worthless words. It was better if they could just settle this with money.

Yvette was right, who would say no to money? Eric’s eyes were filled with complex emotions. Nicole’s indifference pierced his heart, Eric looked away from Nicole and stared at that somewhat familiar ring.

The pair of rings looked brand new as they shone in the sunlight. Eric asked again, “How did it end up here?”

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