The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 213

Chapter 213 She’s Lying

Eric was curious why his lost ring would be in Nicole’s possession. Nicole’s eyes flickered slightly. She was obviously unwilling to answer this irritating question.

However, she was even more unwilling to get entangled with Eric Ferguson. She simply told him.

“I thought you knew…” You should know.’ “This ring was returned to me one morning by Wendy Quade.

She said that you had too much to drink the night before and slept at her place, then casually just threw it aside. So, she personally returned it to me.”

Nicole would probably never forget that confrontation. That was the first time that Nicole felt such despair about their marriage. Nicole was lost in sadness, depression, and anger back then.

Luckily, she managed to walk out of that darkness in time. Looking at the flicker of confusion and pain in his eyes, Nicole sneered with contempt. ‘Perhaps I was mistaken.

Eric Ferguson is a cold-blooded animal without feelings. How could he feel any pain because of me? Even if he did have any feelings, they’re not for me. What’s the point?’ Nicole glanced at him with cold indifference.

“Mr. Ferguson, you must’ve hated me three years ago. My gift must’ve been a burden, so there’s no need to give you the ring again…”

Nicole felt that it was ridiculous when she said it out loud. “No.” His voice was extremely low. The emotions in Eric’s eyes shattered a little.

His body was tense, and the air pressure around him was extremely low. It was frighteningly cold.

Eric could not even recall when he had spent the night at Wendy Quade’s place after drinking This never happened, so it was all Wendy Quade’s lies.

Eric’s chest surged with pent-up anger. This damned liar Wendy Quade! I really shouldn’t have been so kind to her!’ He frowned tightly Eric hurriedly spoke.

“She’s lying… I definitely didn’t spend the night at her place, much less find her after drinking…” His heart was in a panic. Nicole smiled faintly and was unconcerned.

“Is that so?” She obviously did not believe him. However, she did not want to go into it. No one could prove how true it was. Moreover, she was no longer interested in what happened between them back then.

The rest of Eric’s words were suddenly stuck in his throat. Nicole did not care for his explanation. “I know you hate me. Nicole, if there’s a better way to compensate you, I’d like to.”

Eric’s voice was low. His gaze was deep as he looked at her. He stopped talking even though there was more he wanted to say to her.

However, he could only say so much to her at this moment. Nicole hooked the corner of her lips indifferently. She did not take his words to heart at all.

“The fact that you can agree to my conditions is already a very good compensation. When this project is done, we won’t owe each other anymore.”

They would never have anything to do with each other again. After Nicole finished speaking, she called Logan on the intercom without waiting for Eric’s response.

“Send Mr. Ferguson out.” “Yes, President.” Logan came up to knock on the door in less than a few seconds.

Sensing the strange atmosphere in the office, Logan did not show any other reaction.

He was respectful and courteous. “Mr. Ferguson, if you please…” ) After Eric Ferguson left, Nicole sat in her office for a long time, silently feeling the residual warmth Eric left in the air.

She had finally drawn a distinct line with the past that she had once coveted so much. Since it was her unrequited love, she must learn to let go.

So what if she had knocked into the wall? That would not change the fact that he did not like her.

Eric Ferguson would never like Nicole, Nicole picked up the ring on the branch of the bronze tree and opened the window. Cilapier Without hesitation, she drew her hand back slightly and threw out the ring.

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