The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Be a Decent Human Being

The next day. Ingrid was sent out of Atlanta right after Eric brought her back to the Ferguson Villa. No one knew where she was sent to.

When Nicole found out about this, she was playing golf with Maverick. The golf course was in a private VIP country club that was surrounded by greenery.

The environment was very peaceful. Golf was Maverick’s favorite sport. Since Maverick went to the National Laboratories, Nicole had not seen him in a long time.

Nicole finally had some time off lately, so she called Maverick out to relax. While playing, Nicole could not find a suitable position, so she simply gave up and found other entertainment to keep herself occupied.

She was playing with her phone when Yvette called her. “I’ve heard quite a few rumors today! Besides that Ingrid thing, it’s about the scandal between you and Colton White!” ” Yvette laughed gloatingly.

Nicole rolled her eyes in exasperation.“ How is that even a scandal?!” “Don’t worry, it didn’t get leaked because someone gave an order before the banquet ended.”

Yvette laughed meaningfully. Nicole did not ask who it was, There were only two people who would have the mood and ability to do that.

Besides Eric Ferguson, it would be Colton himself. That was good. It at least saved her a lot of trouble. Yvette started talking about Ingrid.

It was a little strange because there was no news on where Ingrid went. Yvette was worried about Nicole. “There’s no movement with the Fergusons at the moment.

It’s hard to say whether they’re hating you or thanking you for this. Although you saved her from the fall, Ingrid’s reputation can’t be salvaged anymore.

Do you think Eric will avenge her and find trouble with you?” Nicole sneered and replied, “They should be worried about whether I’ll find trouble with them…”

After that, she hung up and threw her phone to the side. Nicole did not care.

Who was at fault in this situation anyway? She continued to play golf, but it never made it to the hole.

It felt like the club she was holding was deliberately going against her. Maverick could not stand it any longer, so he went over to help her with her posture.

This scene, in the eyes of others, was a little too intimate. Suddenly, a tall and well-built figure stood in front of them. The surrounding temperature dropped a few degrees.

Thus, the Stanton siblings had to look up. The person in front of them looked noble and indifferent as he glared at the two of them coldly. Maverick let go of Nicole’s hand and frowned slightly.

“Eric Ferguson?” Nicole also saw him. She narrowed her eyes and thought about what Yvette just said, ‘He’s not here to settle the score with me, right?” Nicole looked behind Eric and saw a few others behind him.

She recognized one of them as the chairman of one of the malls, so Eric must be here for business. They probably came to play golf. It was really such a coincidence though.

“Why didn’t you answer my calls?” Eric looked at Nicole and asked in a deep voice. Nicole was slightly stunned.

She then remembered that she had blocked him again after paying off his repair fees, It seemed like he was still not aware of that yet. Nicole slowly hooked her lips.

“Because I don’t wanna hear your voice.” It was a blunt and honest answer. Eric’s calm eye flashed with a trace of panic. “Nicole, I apologize for her.” » Nicole laughed.

Her gaze was clear and cold. “I’ve heard your family’s apology so many times that I’m afraid my ears are getting sore… Just go back and play your own game.

Don’t bother us.” ) What a buzzkill! Eric’s eyes were cold as he swept a glance at Maverick. However, he desperately suppressed his anger in front of Nicole.

He needed to maintain his stature. “Nicole, my family is at fault for this. You can mention whatever conditions you have…”

Nicole brushed her hair back and said insouciantly, “Mr. Ferguson, how generous of you.

Then… Why don’t you let Stanton Corporation have the big share in that Yewshire development?” Although it was a cooperation between Ferguson Corporation and Stanton Corporation, Ferguson Corporation had bought that piece of land for $50 billion, so it was logical for Ferguson Corporation to get the big share in this project.

Ferguson Corporation would also call the shots in this. If Stanton Corporation took the big share in this project, it would be equivalent to Ferguson Corporation giving up their dominance and tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of profits for nothing.

Eric’s dark eyes narrowed slightly. In less than two seconds, he said, “Okay.”

Nicole was stunned. “That quick? How surprisingly generous! Damn it! Did I ask for too little? It looks like Ingrid Ferguson is quite valuable, huh?’ She flashed a polite and decent smile.“

Then I’ll have my lawyer redraft the contract. We can turn the page with Ms. Ferguson’s matter.” Eric’s eyes were sunken as he looked at her.

In his heart, he was a little annoyed at her clear-cut attitude, “Is there anything else you want to say? If there’s nothing, you should go home and teach Ms. Ferguson how to be a decent human being, hmm?”

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