The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Who’s She Acting For?

Nicole turned to look at Maverick, who was speaking on the phone. Looking at Nicole’s warm gaze that was directed at Maverick, Eric instantly exuded a chilly aura.

The people behind him did not know Maverick, but Eric knew about his identity. Maverick was the youngest person who had won the Breakthrough Prize.

This record had not been broken thus far. Under his alias, Sunner, Maverick even solved the most difficult problem in Gerard Lichman’s project with ease.

Eric had not seen Maverick for a while and did not expect him to appear next to Nicole at this moment.

It was very irksome to watch them together.

Eric stared at Nicole with his dark eyes. His temperament was awe-inspiring and noble as he stood there looking so high and mighty.

However, Nicole did not care about his presence. Since they had already negotiated their terms, they did not owe each other anymore.

Maverick hung up the phone and walked up to Nicole with a frown on his handsome and refined face. He lowered his head and spoke to Nicole in a gentle and coaxing voice.

“There’s a problem at the lab, so I have to go back and can’t play with you anymore.” Nicole instantly frowned and threw a tantrum. She was pouting and whining.

You said you’d stay with me all day! Why aren’t you keeping your promise again?” Maverick was not the slightest bit annoyed or impatient with her.

He patiently explained the situation and tried to appease her. “The research has reached a critical stage and can’t be delayed.

Why don’t I send you back first? Do you wanna go home or to your office?” Nicole helplessly glared at him. She was already annoyed by Eric’s presence next to her and did not want to say too much.

She just threw the club in her hand to the side and left in a huff. Maverick calmly and gently picked up the club and quickly chased after her while he patiently coaxed her.

From behind, they looked like a couple in a quarrel.

The two of them could feel the cold, piercing gaze staring at them closely behind them, but none of them turned around.

The people behind Eric stepped forward. They clearly recognized that the woman earlier was the famous Nicole Stanton, Eric Ferguson’s ex-wife.

However, she seemed to be having fun with another man. Even so, none of them dared to joke about this as they could not afford the consequences of Eric’s wrath.

The people next to Eric were apprehensive. They had finally managed to get an appointment with Eric Ferguson to play golf and did not expect to run into such a scene.

It was too late to regret choosing this place! Just when someone was about to divert Eric’s attention, Eric suddenly turned around His face was sullen, and he spoke in a non-negotiable tone.

“I’m busy today. Everyone can go back. We’ll meet again another day.” After that, Eric left with big strides. Somehow, he went in the direction Nicole left in.

The two people were right in front of him, so he was just about to call out to Nicole when a woman suddenly sprang up in front of him. She was wearing big brand names from head to toe and decked out in jewelry.

The woman twisted her foot and fell towards Eric. “Oops…” Eric could have caught her just in time, but he did not.

Instead, he took a step back and avoided her touch.

The disdain in his eyes was unconcealed.’ How dare this woman run into me?! Is she blind?” The woman fell right in front of him.

She winced in pain, but she still forced a smile. “What a coincidence, Mr. Ferguson.” Her voice was overly fake and sweet.

Seeing that he could not catch up with Nicole, Eric frowned and looked down with a cold expression. He glared at that woman and saw her face clearly.

Eric was slightly stunned. In the next second, he immediately felt 6/9 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 224 Who an undisguised disgust.

This woman’s features resembled Nicole’s at first glance, but on closer look, her features were all plastic and no longer resembled Nicole when pieced together.

On the contrary, her face looked very stiff. She did not have even a fraction of the charm Nicole had. All of her fake features pieced together looked too deliberate and repulsive, like a poor imitation of Nicole’s face.

‘How dare this woman shows up in front of me?! Eric’s aura was cold and stern.

His eyes had a seeping chill. “Get lost.” His thin lips parted slightly. His voice was not the slightest bit friendly. The woman froze and smiled sweetly and carefully.

“Mr. Ferguson, I’m Lydia, Nicole’s cousin.” Lydia was ecstatic to see Eric Ferguson. The internet was abuzz with rumors of Nicole and Eric’s relationship.

Nicole had really let go of Eric and did not care for him anymore. Thus, Lydia thought that with a face like hers, she could replace Nicole to become Eric Ferguson’s woman.

If she became Mrs. Ferguson, then she would no longer have to worry about anything in her life! Hearing this, Eric’s eyebrows furrowed deeper.

The coldness in his eyes did not dissipate one bit. ‘Who the hell cares who she is?!’ Eric did not want to babble on with this woman. “I won’t say it a third time.

Get the hell away from me!” His voice was as cold as a glacier. He then walked past her without another word. Eric’s attitude was indifferent.

He looked away from the woman and turned to look at Nicole, who had just gotten into the car. Nicole swept a glance at them but quickly retracted her gaze.

Maverick, who was already in the car, frowned slightly. “Isn’t that Lydia? Who’s she acting for?” That falling pose was so pretentious!

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