The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Really Disgusting

Nicole grunted lighted. “Whatever…” ) Lydia was their cousin, but they were not blood related.

Lydia’s mother, Jade, was Noah’s mistress and had Lydia from her previous marriage. This mother-daughter pair had been living with Noah Stanton for many years.

Although there was no official wedding between Noah and Jade, she was Noah’s de facto second wife. However, this had nothing to do with Nicole’s family. They had never cared about Noah’s affairs.

Stanton Corporation was singlehandedly built up by Floyd Stanton and had nothing to do with Noah Stanton.

However, out of kinship and to avoid trouble, Floyd had given Noah their business in Jericho City to take care of. Despite the two-year loss, Floyd did not pursue Noah’s responsibility.

He just considered it as money spent to buy peace.

Noah brought Lydia over to Stanton Corporation in Jericho City and instated her as a top executive. To outsiders, Lydia was part of the Stanton family.

Lydia used the Stanton family name to mingle in the high-society circle, However, her status as a Stanton compared with Nicole was a world of difference.

Lydia had always wanted to please Nicole, but Nicole never cared about her. She tried her best to imitate Nicole’s temperament, dressing, and even her facial appearance, desperately trying to pass herself off as a real Stanton.

However, the rest of the Stanton family knew that she was not one of them.

Who would have expected Lydia to suddenly appear at the golf course today? After sending Maverick back to the lab, Nicole was just about to go back to the office when she received a message from Kai.

“Come home! There’s a good show!” These few short words were strange. Nicole thought about it and went back to the Stanton mansion.

After all, if Kai said that it was a good show, it must be very interesting. Without another word, Nicole raced back home.

Floyd was with Mr. Anderson studying the flowers and plants in the garden. When Mr. Anderson saw Nicole, he immediately stood up and greeted her.

“Miss, you’re back!” Nicole smiled and tossed the car key in her hand. She jokingly said, “Dad, are you bored with fishing already? Are you planning to do gardening now?” ) Floyd rolled his eyes at her and lifted his chin slightly, pointing to the house.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘Who is Chairman Stanton deliberately avoiding? Who has the power to do so?’ Just as Nicole was about to go in and take a look, the person inside came out.

“Nicole, you’re finally back! Your sister and I have been waiting for you for a long time…” A woman who pretended to be cordial stood at the door with a flattering smile.

Nicole paused in her footsteps when she saw Lydia’s mother, Jade, standing at the door. Her smile faded for a moment. Honestly, Nicole was not interested in getting to know this mother-daughter pair.

However, these two liked to think that they were family and liked to come over to flaunt their presence. It turned out that Floyd Stanton was avoiding them, so he ran out to check out the flowers in the garden.

Nicole thought, ‘This is my house. Why should we be afraid of them?’ She smiled lightly as a courtesy when she approached Jade. “Is there something wrong in Uncle Noah’s company?” “Oh no, everything is going well with the company.

We’re all family, so I specially brought your sister here to see you.” Jade called Lydia over. Lydia pretended to be demure and stood there obediently.

“Hi, Nicole.” Nicole did not respond. She suddenly remembered the scene at the entrance of the golf course, where Lydia deliberately fell in front of Eric Ferguson.

Lydia looked so pretentious and fake. How disgusting… Lydia was certainly not like that now. Nicole walked past the two women and went into the house.

A maid immediately came forward and respectfully went over to take Nicole’s bag for her, then squatted down to change Nicole’s shoes. Nicole calmly glanced at Kai, who was sitting in the living room drinking coffee.

“K, why didn’t you go over to the office lately? I heard that Dominic wants to promote newcomers… Kai nonchalantly swept her a glance.

“Can’t I just retire early?” Nicole snorted coldly and was just about to retort when Jade untimely interrupted, “Nicole, I heard that you took over the company. Congratulations!” Hearing this, Nicole pulled the corner of her lips.

“Thanks.” “Nicole, you’re really amazing! My father said that I must learn more from you to be as good as you.”

Lydia was ingratiating and looked at Nicole with a hint of envy in her eyes, Nicole stopped in her tracks and paused for two seconds before speaking. “Is that so? Uncle Noah is just flattering me.”

She knew that Noah was not the type to praise her. Jade hurriedly smiled and said, “Yes, Nicole. This time, I brought Lydia here so that she can help you in the company.

That way, she can also learn a thing or two.” Nicole stood there, frowning. “This mistress is overstepping her bounds…’

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