The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 226

Chapter 226 She’s Not Qualified

Seeing Nicole’s hesitation, Jade said anxiously, “It doesn’t have to be an important position.

Just a random manager or supervisor position will do. Since we’re family, you can’t mistreat )) your sister…” Nicole frowned.

“The audacity! How did Jade get the guts to come and ask me for a position? The position she asked for is a senior executive too?’ Before Nicole could say anything, Kai could not help but burst out in laughter.

His lazy voice rang out. “Is it not enough to devastate Uncle Noah’s company? You still want to be a scourge here? Stanton Corporation won’t accept freeloading trash!” Nicole raised her eyebrows.

‘K, way to go! When did he learn to speak so well?’ Scanned with CamScanner Jade’s face stiffened slightly. Kai’s words were too blunt and did not show them any respect.

Jade was used to flaunting her status as the Stanton family’s Second Madam and showed off every chance she got. Everyone knew that she was a member of the Stanton family, so her words held some weight.

“Kai, how can you say that? We’re all family. Lydia’s also your sister…” Jade spoke with dissatisfaction. ) Kai pointed to Nicole. “She’s my sister.

You guys can beat it!” Jade looked furious and turned to Nicole.

“Nicole, I know that you’re in charge of the company now, so it shouldn’t be difficult to arrange a position for your sister, right?” Since Nicole was named, she paused for a  moment and smiled meaningfully.

“It’s not impossible for Lydia to work in Stanton Corporation if she wants to…” Jade smiled with relief.

Before she had time to gloat, Nicole continued, “Stanton Corporation’s HR will focus on hiring senior management talent every year, so if Lydia really has the ability, she can send in a resume.”

The atmosphere was stagnant for a while. Jade frowned in displeasure and said, Why the trouble? Isn’t it just a matter of words? She’s not an outsider, so why are you so petty?” Lydia nodded approvingly and echoed at the side, pretending to be a goody-two-shoes.

“Yeah, Nicole, I just want to learn about the business.” Nicole mentally sneered and said unhurriedly, “Learning should be done in school.

Every position in the company is important, and with your current ability, it’s hard for you to get the job done.”

Lydia’s face instantly turned glum.

She bit her lower lip and looked at Jade aggrievedly.

Jade was taken aback. Her expression was quite amusing to Nicole. In a fit of anger, her voice became shrill and harsh.”

Hmph! You guys are just looking down on us, right? Don’t forget, we’re all Stantons!” Jade looked at Nicole.

“You’re the one who’s a disgrace to the family with all your scandals on the internet! Do you think you’re so glorious?” The living room echoed with Jade’s unbridled mockery.

The surrounding temperature instantly plunged to a freezing point. Kai stopped playing games on his phone.

At this moment, Floyd happened to walk in. He had probably been listening outside because his face was cold and formidable.

go of this Seeing Floyd, Jade did not let opportunity and complained first. “Floyd, your children are too rude! Isn’t it easy to just give Lydia a position in the company? Who are they acting smug for?” Floyd was already in a terrible mood when he heard those words earlier.

He did not expect Jade to be so shameless. His face was sunken as he cast a sidelong glance at Jade and warned her unceremoniously.

“What kind of place do you think this is where you can act recklessly? You’d better watch your mouth.” As soon as Floyd spoke, Jade was a little frightened.

Her arrogant tone earlier dissipated as she said in a soft voice, “We’re all family, so what’s the point of procedures…” Lydia saw the situation and hurriedly stepped forward to ease the situation.

“Uncle Floyd, my mother doesn’t mean that. Don’t misunderstand her.” ) Jade frowned and was just about to speak when she was interrupted.

Floyd’s voice was extremely cold.“ Family? Are you family? You’re just an unseemly mistress! Who do you think you are to tell us what to do?” That single remark knocked Jade off her high horse.

Back then, Noah’s wife was so angry with this mistress that she fell ill. She never recovered from the illness and passed away within a few days.

From then on, Floyd had never bothered with his second brother’s affairs. Noah had been doing nothing for a long time. Floyd only got him to take care of the company’s business in Jericho City for the sake of their kinship.

However, Floyd made it clear back then that if Noah were to marry Jade, Noah would lose all the rights and benefits of the company in Jericho City.

Thus, Jade remained as Noah’s mistress for more than ten years. They were not legally married.

However, Jade went around as the Second Madam of the Stanton family in the past few years, and no one stopped her.

Thus, Jade thought that she had been accepted by the Stantons. However, Floyd Stanton and his family were so unforgiving.

They never took her seriously. Lydia bit her lower lip. Her eyes were red with forbearance. Her last name was not Stanton, and because of this, she was a world away from Nicole.

This was the difference between a true heiress and a fraud.

Lydia said resentfully, “Uncle Floyd, how can you say that? Although Dad and Mom aren’t legally married, they’ve been together for more than ten years! We’ve long been a part of the Stanton family.

You’re the one who refused to let Dad marry Mom, so how can you still say that we’re outsiders?” Floyd swept a cold glance at her and rebuked her. “I’m talking here. Who are you to interrupt?”

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