The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 227

Chapter 227 How Can Nicole Be Wrong?

Nicole and Kai were well aware of this.

They just did not mock this mother-daughter pair for the sake of their second uncle.

Floyd had always been very protective, so Jade had crossed the line, especially when they were at the Stanton mansion. Jade asked for this.

Her face was stiff and unsightly at this time.

She was indignant. She was originally trying to play the family card, but she ended up losing everything The maids were also laughing at her.

Jade could not stand it any longer. She was furious.

Floyd, Nicole, and Kai’s condescending attitude made Jade’s face flush red with anger.

They had thoroughly agitated her.

“Hmph! If it weren’t for you guys, Noah would’ve married me a long time ago! I’ m only in this current state because of you guys! Who are you to insult me like this?” Nicole coldly glanced at the mother-daughter pair and laughed disdainfully.

“Once a homewrecker, forever a homewrecker.

You should just adapt to your life in the gutter. Not just anyone is worth marrying into the Stanton family, If you get married to Uncle Noah, the media will dig up your past, then everyone will know that you’re the mistress that became his wife. By then, our family will be disgraced.”

She smiled meaningfully and continued, ” You should just be the good little mistress to Uncle Noah to keep your livelihood.

You’d better know your place and don’t offend people you can’t afford to offend.”

Seeing Jade’s miserably pale face, Nicole satisfied.

felt very Jade brought this on herself. Jade was embarrassed. She clenched her teeth and said in a harsh and shrill voice, “Nicole, how dare you threaten me? You’re the one who married Eric Ferguson and lost your reputation.

Why didn’t you say that you’ve disgraced the Stanton family? Do you think that you can look down on everyone just because you’ve reached this position?” Jade thought that Nicole would probably make a move on her, so she was ready to teach her a lesson.

However, in that instant, Jade could feel cold malice in the air.

Even the onlooking maids were glaring at Jade with indignant eyes. Nicole narrowed her eyes, which turned cold, dark, and deep.

There was an intimidating silence. Nicole’s gaze was icy as she approached Jade step by step. Her powerful aura overwhelmed Jade in seconds.

Lydia gulped and looked at Floyd and Kai. Both of them looked like they wanted to skin her alive.

Nicole’s eyes were also so impenetrable.

Opposite them, Nicole’s voice was calm and light as she said, “Ms. Smith, are you so naive to think that you can just run around insulting me? Just because of what you said earlier, you will never be connected to the Stanton family.”

This was a head-on threat. Nicole’s words successfully frightened them. Nicole was Floyd’s successor that he had announced to the public.

Thus, she was fully qualified to have a say in who stays or leaves the Stanton family. Lydia looked flustered for a moment.

Her hands that were hanging at her sides clenched tightly, so much so that her nails dug into her palms. “Nicole, my mother’s just too straightforward with her words.

She didn’t mean it. You’re a magnanimous person, so don’t take it to heart….” Lydia thought that Nicole was so rude and arrogant to humiliate them at will, but she still did not dare to offend Nicole so openly.

That was because she knew that Nicole had every right to say so. 5/8 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 227 How Nicole was the true heiress of Stanton Corporation.

Nicole’s face was austere and cold. She did not even want to say another word to these two women.

‘What a waste of my time!’ ) “Mr. Anderson, send them off.” As soon as she spoke, the butler went up to send the two women away.

Jade was afraid of Nicole. Even if she was resentful, she did not dare to do anything. Her body was just shaking with anger.

“You’re all big bullies! Do you really think I want to come here? Even if you invite me to come in the future, I won’t step foot in here!” After that, Jade pulled Lydia away and stomped away in her heels, which was sharp and ear-piercing.

As soon as they left the Stanton mansion, Lydia took out her phone to make a call.

Her voice was cold as she said, “Nicole won’t let me into the company.” ….. Floyd was fuming. Kai and Nicole could feel it. Floyd stormed upstairs to the study and slammed the door shut.

The maids who were downstairs were so terrified that they held their breaths. Nicole glanced at Kai. “You call this a good show?” “Hehe… Isn’t it…?” Kai shrugged his shoulders innocently.

Nicole let out a cold grunt. “Next time they come, just kick them out.” She instructed the butler.

Since they had gone all out, there was no need to worry about what they thought. Nicole did not even care about those two vain women.

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