The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 228

Chapter 228 How’d You Warn Him?

Mr. Anderson nodded in agreement. “By the way, Miss… Your birthday is coming up. What’s the plan?” If Mr. Anderson had not mentioned it, Nicole would have forgotten about it.

Nicole’s birthday was coming up.

Nicole chuckled and looked at Kai. “It doesn’t matter how it’s held. What’s important is my gift, right, K?” Kai shuddered as he thought about the fact that he had already spent $2.8 billion on her.

He might as well just spend more. Mr. Anderson just laughed at Kai on the side. Originally, Nicole did not want to make her birthday party such a big deal.

However, because of that little episode with Jade and Lydia, Floyd decided to make it a big fanfare.

Stanton Corporation. Nicole had just walked out of the meeting room after the meeting when she saw Grant’s cold face as he walked to the door.

She frowned. It was rare to see Grant so angry. Nicole thought about it and chased after him. “G, why are you so mad?” Grant’s face softened a little, but his voice still carried a hint of coldness.

“Nothing big. Uncle Floyd was making a fuss, so I warned him.” “Huh?” Nicole was shocked. A warning?’ “How’d you warn him? Is Uncle Floyd trying to stuff someone in our company?” Grant hooked the corner of his lips coldly.

“It’s not that simple. He’s trying to get into the shareholders’ meeting and intended to buy Stanton Corporation’s shares.

He has already privately approached many shareholders, so it looks like he’s starting to have thoughts about our company.” Nicole’s face sank slightly.

“Last time, Jade and Lydia went to our house to ask for an executive position for Lydia, but we refused. Were they trying to collude with Lydia as a spy?” a Grant let out a disdainful grunt. His eyes were indifferent and aloof.

“An idiot’s dream.” “Then how did you warn him?” Nicole was very curious about this. Grant hooked his lips, “Since he’s all set to buy shares, he probably made a lot of money somehow.

I got the auditors to check their accounts in Jericho City.”

Nicole was dumbfounded. That was such a good move! Grant reached out and tapped her forehead. “You should just prepare for your birthday party.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make some partnerships.” )) …… Ferguson Corporation. Keith Ludwig ran to Eric’s office excitedly. Mitchell could not even stop him.

Eric’s eyebrows were knitted as he glared at Keith with a cold face.

“Don’t you think that you show up here more than you show up at your own house?” Keith raised his eyebrows and walked over frivolously. He unhurriedly waved the pale-yellow invitation in his hand.

It was an elegant and noble style, which was extremely consistent with the status of the Stanton family. “Nicole’s birthday is coming soon.

I guess you didn’t receive an invitation, so I’ve especially grabbed one from a buddy of mine.” Eric’s eyes instantly sank. He coldly swept a glance at Mitchell, who subconsciously lowered his head and kept quiet.

Stanton Corporation did not send any invitations. Thus, Mitchell did not say anything about it to avoid any awkwardness, Subsequently, Eric’s face became inexplicably sullen.

‘Nicole’s birthday? Until now, I still don’t know when Nicole’s birthday is… I’m really such an inept husband…’ At the thought of this, Eric felt suffocated.

His breathing became heavier. Keith went over and patted his shoulder.“ Aren’t I a good bro? Hey, why are you upset? Do you not wanna go? It’s fine if you don’t want to go. It’s just a pity…” )) Mitchell stood there apprehensively.’

Where did Mr. Ludwig get the balls to make fun of the President?!’ Suddenly, Mitchell could feel the temperature in the office drop to a freezing point. His scalp tingled.

Eric glared at Keith until Keith stopped smiling The atmosphere was stagnant for a moment. Keith coughed and put that invitation in front of Eric.

“Ferg, just come… I won’t have the courage to go without you… I’ll 6/8 Scanned with CamScanner apter How be so lonely if I go by myself…” He spoke in a pleading tone.

Keith had already made an excuse for Eric to attend. He was such a thoughtful friend! Eric picked up the invitation and looked at it.

The date was tomorrow night. ‘So, her birthday is tomorrow… His heart was still. Eric was silent and deep in thought, so he did not pay attention to what Keith said.

When he returned to his senses, Keith had already noticed how lost Eric looked earlier and smiled coyly. Eric’s gaze turned cold.

His eyes were sharp. Eric’s voice was calm as he said, “Didn’t your father want that project in the eastern suburbs?” Keith frowned, then suddenly lit up.“ Ferg, are you saying…

That’s too much…” ‘Billions of dollars just for one invitation?!’ Eric faintly gathered his expression. “It’s fine if you don’t want it.” ) “I want it!”

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