The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Eric Ferguson’s Gift

The Hilton Hotel. Many celebrities and dignitaries were invited to Nicole’s birthday party. As Grant mentioned earlier, this was a good opportunity to network.

Floyd Stanton was willing to splurge on his daughter. He chartered the entire hotel. The whole street was closed off and stationed with bodyguards to protect the guests.

The venue was bright, luxurious, and remarkable. On the huge electronic screen outside was Nicole’s photo. She looked so beautiful and valiant.

“Happy birthday to Nicole Stanton!” This phrase dominated the trending topics on the internet and the advertising space worth ten million dollars a few seconds.

The scale of this event was even more grand and luxurious than Stanton Corporation’s anniversary gala. It showed how much the Stanton family spoiled Nicole.

They wanted her to become the most dazzling person in the whole city that night.

The hotel lounge. Nicole, Yvette, and Julie were doing their makeup Since there were no outsiders around, they were more casual.

Nicole looked at a table of gold, silver, and diamond accessories, The jewelry shone so brightly under the light, and the whole place just smelled of money.

This was the best feeling ever! Nicole wore a simple but extremely elegant black dress that perfectly outlined her slender figure.

It contrasted with her fair skin, which made her look so bright and beautiful. She had such an innate regality that even without any accessories, Nicole would still look extraordinary and noble by just standing there.

Yvette and Julie looked in awe at the diamond accessories Floyd sent over.

This was almost like the entire city’s collection of jewels. They had never seen such grandeur! Nicole was there trying out the rings one by one.

The white diamonds were crystal clear. The pink diamonds were cute and lovely. The black diamonds were precious and rare.

Nicole had a diamond ring on each of her fingers. She let out a regretful sigh and looked at her friends, shaking her bejeweled fingers.

“It’s such a pity that I can’t wear all of them at once! I like all of them so much…’ Yvette and Julie were speechless.

‘Does this rich biatch have to be so exaggerated? Nicole looked at herself in the mirror.

She was perfect. Finally, she only chose two to three rings and put them on two of her fingers, however, the multiple rings did not look ugly on her slender fingers.

Instead, it fit her luxurious style. Minimalism and simplicity were not her styles.

On the contrary, this multiple diamond ring looked so chic, noble, and extravagant. It really matched her temperament. Yvette and Julie gave her a big thumbs up.

“Let’s go!” Seeing that it was almost time, Nicole followed them out. The dedicated bodyguards were standing guard outside the lounge so that no one could enter.

A group of bodyguards flanked Nicole’s sides and protected her in the middle. It was an awe-inspiring sight. They were so well-trained that even their footsteps were firm and synchronized.

The stairs connected the two ends. The banquet hall was brightly lit, and Nicole caught everyone’s attention as soon as she appeared.

Her stunning beauty and cool temperament made the best combination. It made it really hard for the crowd to look away. Nicole smiled lightly.

The calm magnificence in her eyes seemed to be inherent. Floyd looked extremely proud as he went up to escort her down the stairs.

Maverick could not make it to the party, but Nicole had already received his bank card well in advance. Grant and Kai stood on either side of the staircase.

Their handsome faces and tall builds simply attracted too much attention. Why on earth were this family’s genes so excellent? Everyone was envious.

Floyd smiled and picked up the glass of wine from the waiter next to him. He then gave the opening address.

“Everyone, welcome to my daughter Nicole’s birthday party! In my lifetime, what I’m most proud of isn’t establishing Stanton Corporation. It’s the fact that I have my precious baby daughter.”

That was why he pampered Nicole so much. Floyd was a permissive parent to his sons and did not coddle them as much as he coddled Nicole. For Nicole, it was a blatant bias.

During the three years Nicole left home, Floyd did not get a night of restful sleep. He was always afraid that she would get bullied, or that she was living too happily and did not want to come home, Floyd paused for a moment. Nicole knew pic what her father was thinking about.

Her eyes subconsciously turned red. With a quick glance, Nicole saw Eric Ferguson standing in the crowd…

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