The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Eric Ferguson’s Gift

Eric Ferguson stood there with a dignified aura and an extraordinary appearance.

His presence was difficult to ignore. Eric was a natural leader and could command a scene wherever he went. His eyes were affixed to Nicole.

This was not the first time he saw her looking so stunning, but she left him in a different state of mind each time.

This time, he had a hint of nervousness under his calm and cool aura.

As soon as their eyes met, everything around them seemed to stand still, There was silence. Eric could not hear anything from the outside world However, Nicole averted her gaze in just a few seconds.

‘How is he even here?’ After Floyd finished his speech, everyone went up to exchange pleasantries and wish Nicole a happy birthday. Nicole responded appropriately to everyone.

Yvette and Julie came over to her, but before Nicole could breathe a sigh of relief, she turned around and saw Eric walking over with a strong presence. Nicole was slightly stunned.

When Eric got to her, he went straight to the point before Nicole could say anything.

“Ms. Stanton, I’ve prepared three gifts for you. Would you like to see them?” Since Eric was always one of the focal points wherever he was, his presence naturally drew the attention of many people.

What was more, he even had three bodyguards behind him, each one of them holding an exquisite and expensive gift box. Nicole frowned.

Her mood suddenly sank. Her relaxed and happy mood instantly disappeared. Three gifts? The surrounding crowd could not help but speak in awe.

“Mr. Ferguson is so generous! Three gifts at once?” Nicole hooked up the corners of her lips disdainfully.

She was not looking forward to Eric’s gifts and would much rather throw them in his face! Was he only giving these to her in view of the public because he was afraid that she would reject him? Nicole looked at the boxes in front of her and gritted her teeth.

Looking at the stiff atmosphere, Julie went up and said with a smile, “We’ll open it first to see what it is. If Nicole doesn’t like it, she won’t accept it.

” Yvette echoed, “That’s right!” She quietly came up to Nicole’s ear and whispered, “If it’s valuable, we can sell it! Don’t say no to money!” Nicole lowered her eyes slightly and hooked her lips.

“Fine, we’ll open it and take a look.” » The people around were interested and gathered around. Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of Eric’s generosity.

After all, no one knew what to expect with Eric’s gift. Eric stood there calmly under the light. His tall, well-built figure looked so independent and indifferent.

Nicole walked over and casually opened one. Surprisingly, it was a grand and classic diamond necklace that had an ancient Roman design. The craftsmanship was exquisite.

A large light blue diamond was placed in a distinctive silver setting. It was dazzling, delicate, and mysterious. It was as if in an instant, centuries of history and something that experienced eternity came to her eyes.

The strong historical feel and the sturdy design and material instantly increased the value of this diamond necklace to an unimaginable height.

Nicole’s pupils constricted. Although Nicole had seen her fair share of inherently rare diamonds in the world, all of them still looked inferior compared to the diamonds on this necklace in front of her.

Julie came forward in shock and gasped. Isn’t this the classic jewel from the European royal family? ‘The Eye of Blythe “?י Nicole was shocked and suddenly remembered that she had seen a photo of this necklace in the magazine before.

She even said “beautiful” back then. The European royal family treated this jewel like treasure. It had always been kept in their private museum and had never appeared in public.

It was simply a priceless treasure. However, it was bought by a private collector for a sky-high price a few years ago.

‘That person was Eric Ferguson? He’s now giving it to me?!’ Nicole thought.

“Nikki, does Eric Ferguson need another ex-wife?” Yvette asked in a soft voice that only the two of them could hear. Yvette looked on in admiration.

‘If someone gave me this, I’ll willingly be his ex-wife!’ Nicole retracted her shocked gaze and coldly swept a glance at her bestie.

This spineless biatch!’ E She whispered back to Yvette. “Well, being his ex-wife means you gotta drain your blood and suffer for life… You want it?” > Yvette shrank her neck.

“Forget it then.” Eric noticed the two ladies’ interaction. He narrowed his eyes and did not move. The people around them were still marveling at the stunning “Eye of Blythe”.

Such a precious thing could no longer be measured in terms of money.

What a privilege to get to see this wonder in person! This was only one of the gifts that Eric Ferguson had prepared for Nicole, and it was already so shocking.

It was truly a tremendously valuable gift. Nicole hooked up the corners of her lips.“ Mr. Ferguson, isn’t this gift a little too expensive?” She did not expect this.

Eric’s gaze was dark and deep. His voice was faint as he said, “It matches you very well.” Nicole was stunned for a moment. “What does he mean by that?’ Julie chuckled and urged her. “Next!”

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