The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Show’s Over

Chloe’s face instantly turned ugly as the flames of anger in her eyes burned wildly.

She was still the President of Snyder Corporation, an unparalleled figure in Cali. How would she tolerate being belittled multiple times? Chloe Snyder glared at the burly man next to her.

“What are you still standing there for? Get her!” The man received the order and took a step towards Nicole with a stern and cold look.

He planned to knock her out so that she would be unable to retaliate when they took her away, which would save , them a lot of trouble. The stalemate of this tense situation was about to break at any moment.

Nicole glanced over with cold and aloof eyes. She secretly tightened her grip on the stiletto in her hand… The chill in the air spread.

A burst of cold wind appeared behind Nicole. The man’s left hand reached out to clasp her shoulder, preventing her from making any moves. Keith and Mitchell were shocked and were just about to call out to her

. However, before anyone could notice, Eric suddenly appeared in front of them and landed a fierce kick on the man’s stomach. The man felt his soul almost leaving his body from the force of the kick.

He felt as if his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys were all shattered… The man collapsed to the ground as if he was dead. His breathing was shallow and weak.

He was unable to move. Chloe’s body stiffened imperceptibly. Her people had lost utterly! She suppressed the monstrous rage in her heart and gritted her teeth while glaring at Eric.

“Mr. Ferguson, are you trying to be a hero and save the damsel in distress?” Eric’s eyes had a seeping chill.

It was a kind of repressed anger that contained the intent to kill. Keith knew very well that Eric had not gotten his hands dirty for many years.

Even the devil would be afraid of the look in his eyes at this moment! “Chloe Snyder, do you really think that highly of yourself? It seems like you no longer care about your useless company anymore.”

Eric’s voice was cool and seemed to be drenched in ice.

When he saw Nicole standing barefoot on the ground as well as these three people who had malicious intentions, a trace of panic, nervousness, and fear flashed through his heart… However, more than that, he felt uncontrollable rage.

Eric had experienced absolute darkness, but Nicole was clean and untouched. He would not allow anyone to bully her. He dared not imagine what would happen if Nicole had lost this fight…

His bloodshot eyes glared at Chloe silently. Whether they cooperated or not was subject to his whims. There was no loss or compensation to speak of.

What right did Chloe Snyder have to negotiate with him? He had conducted fair business in the market for too long and forgotten how he came out of the darkness step by step…

The current situation instantly triggered the darkness that he kept hidden deep in his bones. Chloe’s expression stiffened fiercely as she instantly held back her intention to negotiate with him.

The legends of Eric Ferguson in the business world never stopped. She thought that she was his equal, but it was her misconception.

No matter how powerful Snyder Corporation was in Cali, it was just an ant compared to Ferguson Corporation. She glanced at Nicole in anger as a wicked smile surfaced on her lips.

Her voice was cold and mean. “Ms. Stanton, you’re really lucky. Even 5/7 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 242 Shol after your divorce, Mr. Ferguson is still so protective of you.

It seems that you really know your way with men, but… You won’t be so lucky next time…” Nicole lowered her gaze and hid the sneer in her eyes.

At that moment, Nicole was completely triggered. ‘She still thinks that there will be a next time? She’s too naive! She stood there and did not spare Eric a glance from the beginning.

Nicole was completely indifferent to his help. When she heard Chloe’s words, she could not help but look up and glanced coldly at everyone present. Finally, Nicole’s icy gaze landed on Eric.

“Tonight’s show was surprisingly exciting, but…” Nicole paused as a tinge of nonchalance emerged in her airy voice.

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