The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 243

Chapter 243 She Hit You?

Eric’s cold eyes turned to Nicole with a hint of surprise. Nicole met his gaze carelessly. When their gaze collided, he saw a deep distrust in her eyes.

His heartbeat faltered as if he had been stabbed. “You think that I instructed Chloe Snyder to do this?” Eric narrowed his eyes sharply. Nicole did not make a sound and simply gave him a cold smile.

To the side, Keith could not help but shiver as bursts of chilling air surrounded him. ‘What’s going on?’ “Why else would you be standing here right now?” After Nicole spoke, the air seemed to grow even colder.

Keith hurriedly went up to explain. “You’ve misunderstood us. This has nothing to do with Eric! When we were leaving, Eric wanted to look for you because he had something to say.

We couldn’t find you anywhere, then the doorman told us that you came this way, so we hurried over…’ He gave Mitchell a look, and Mitchell immediately nodded.

“Yes, Ms. Stanton. That’s what happened.” Nicole lowered her eyes slightly as if she was thinking about the credibility of their words.

Keith quickly added, “You both used to be married, so no matter what, there’s still lingering feelings.

How would Eric bear to hurt you? When he heard the noise here, he was afraid that you’d be in danger and rushed here to save you without hesitation.

How could you doubt that he was plotting something against you?” Keith did not notice that his tone carried a hint of resentment and complaint.

He felt frustrated for Eric! ‘Lingering feelings?’ Nicole looked at Eric meaningfully. They did not have a real marriage, so naturally, there were no lingering feelings to speak of.

Nicole sneered softly. “In that case, I’ll have to thank you, huh?” ) She had almost finished cleaning up these guys, so what did he come here for? Did they think that she would believe them because of Keith’s words? Did they take her for a fool? 1 In the beginning, if it were not for Nicole s interference, how would Eric be willing to share such a large slice of pie with Chloe Snyder? They said they had nothing to do with Chloe? Only an idiot would believe them! Eric’s expression darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye. Keith did not know what he said wrong.

He explained the situation very clearly, so why did the aura of these two people not ease up at all? To the side, Chloe watched the show with interest and said mockingly, “Looks like it was all Mr. Ferguson’s unrequited love.

Ms. Stanton surely doesn’t lack attentive men around her…” Nicole’s sharp eyes pierced Chloe like a knife. “Chloe Snyder, don’t just stand there and watch the show. You should think about yourself first…”

After she said that, Mitchell suddenly let out a cry of surprise. “President, someone’s coming… It’s Grant Stanton and… Second Young Master Carter!” Chloe’s expression instantly turned nasty at the mention of Ian’s name.

She glared viciously at Nicole. “When did you call them here?” ” Chloe had watched each and every one of Nicole’s movements. Nicole never had a chance to take out her phone.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and waved the stiletto in front of her. 5/6 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 243 She Then, she lifted her leg and slid the stiletto back on her foot in a fluid motion.

Nicole raised her chin haughtily. “Do you know how expensive these heels are? It doesn’t matter if an eight-million-dollar shoe goes missing. What’s important is how it went missing…”

The alarm on Nicole’s heel was directly connected to the monitoring system in the Stanton Mansion.

How would the Young Lady of the Stanton family go out without any preparations? Chloe Snyder was too naive! Grant quickly arrived with his bodyguards. His aura was chilly.

When Ian Carter saw this scene, his eyes turned bloodshot as he glared furiously at Chloe Snyder. With a cold and suppressed voice, lan asked Nicole, “She hit you?”

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