The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Unlucky

Chloe Snyder shivered all over when she heard Ian’s words. The usually egotistical, romantic, and gentle Second Young Master Carter now looked like he wanted to skin her alive.

At that moment, the many years of perseverance and adoration Chloe had for him seemed to be reduced to dust. There was a trace of pain in her expression.

However, no one cared about her. Nicole saw through Chloe’s thoughts and gave her a sidelong glance. She snorted lightly and answered lan,” She doesn’t have that capability.”

Ian and Grant both sighed in relief at her words. 1/6 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 244 Unlu Grant looked at Eric with a complicated gaze.

If Nicole was not in danger, she would not have triggered the alarm. Were those two burly men hired by Eric Ferguson or Chloe Snyder? “What is Mr. Ferguson doing here?” Eric looked at Nicole expressionlessly and did not respond. His face was incredibly grim.

Keith quickly stepped forward and explained the situation again. Mitchell echoed by his side. Grant looked away. It was unlikely that a man like Eric Ferguson would make a move against Nicole.

In that case, it must be Chloe Snyder. Grant paused for a moment and looked at his sister.

“Lil N, what do you plan to do?” Nicole raised her brows. “Of course, we’ll finish what Chloe Snyder wanted… It’s just a few photos. Ms. Snyder, if you’ll just cooperate, you’ll suffer less!” Chloe immediately raised her head and widened her eyes in horror.

‘Nicole actually dares to do this to me in front of Ian? I’m a legendary figure in Cali and a business elite! How dare Nicole insult me like this?! “Don’t you dare, Nicole Stanton!” “Why wouldn’t I dare?” Nicole spoke casually “The Snyder family won’t let you get away with it, and the entire business scene in Cali will be your enemy!” Nicole smiled coldly.

Before she could speak, Grant could not help but chuckle.

“You’ve hit a new low by using the Snyder family to scare my sister! It’s about time to change the market leader in Cali…” Chloe immediately understood what Grant meant. She turned pale in an instant.

Chloe had worked painstakingly for a decade in order to gain a firm foothold in Cali, but Grant could destroy her years of efforts at his whim. ( Ian Carter also grew slightly impatient.”

Let’s get down to business first. Just do as Nicole says. Right now, it’s more important to take a few photos.” It was as if Chloe Snyder’s shame was not worth mentioning in his eyes.

“I don’t want to blind my eyes, so I’ll take my leave now…” Nicole murmured with a light snort and strutted away in her heels, Her back was upright and valiant, Everything else could be left to Grant and his men.

There was no need for her to worry. Ian naturally followed after Nicole. Chloe’s face was pale and ugly. Her eyes were listless. She lost completely.

Chloe looked up resentfully. Her voice was hurt and hoarse as she shouted at that figure, “Ian Carter, who do you think I’m doing all this for? It’s all for you! I’ve liked you for ten years! How can you not even look at me? That b*tch Nicole only thinks of you as her backup.

Do you think she’ll ever like you? She doesn’t love anyone but herself! She’s only been toying with your feelings. How can she be with you?” She no longer cared about anything because her world was about to collapse.

Chloe screamed out the secret she had kept hidden for ten years without caring about the strange looks others gave her.

She was a legendary figure in the business world who never yielded, but she had always been lowly and never got what she wanted when it came to relationships.

Chloe looked at Ian’s back with eyes full of anticipation. She hoped that after listening to her words, Ian would turn back and look at her.

He would take her away from this prison. However, the silence in the air was oppressive. There was a pause of a few seconds. lan stiffly turned around and looked at her with eyes of undisguised disgust.

“I’m so bloody unlucky to be liked by you.”

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