The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 59

Chapter 59 It Means Rejection

Eric Ferguson did not make a sound on
the side, but his eyes had a chill in them.
Nicole laughed lightly and took lan’s arm.
She raised an eyebrow and said, “What
does it matter to you how many men !
change or how many people I date? Mr.
Ludwig, do you wanna date me too?”
Keith was dissed and felt infuriated. ‘Why
do I always get bullied by Nicole?!
“You? You’re not my type!”
“To be honest, the last time I saw your
body, it’s not that great. You’d better date
women with no taste. I’m very strict
about my requirements on men’s
‘How dare you say my body’s not great!’

Keith’s face turned red and white as he
shook with anger, but he did not dare to
say another word. His nudes were in her
hands, so it left him with no choice but to
He also heard what Nicole implied. ‘Is this
woman threatening me?’
lan laughed at the side. “Her standards
have always been very high. Mr. Ludwig, i
f we continue talking, it’ll affect my boo’s
One glance at Eric was enough to affect
Nicole’s mood!
Nicole coldly glanced at Keith, ignored
the man beside him, then walked inside.
Keith was so infuriated that he almost
jumped up behind them. “This woman is
too much! How dare she insult me for
having a bad figure? Is my body not

Eric’s face was surprisingly cold. He
snorted lightly. “You think it’s good?”
He was very annoyed that nothing was
going his way lately. He did not get an
appointment with Nicole and that matter
with the emerald pipe was still
unresolved. When he recalled the scene
where Nicole had seen Keith running
naked, the dreary feeling lingered in his
heart. He felt inexplicably frustrated.
Keith was once again defeated. He did
not know why Eric was throwing shade at
him and blamed it all on Nicole.
When he went to Eric’s office to look for
him, he coincidentally ran into Eric’s
secretary, Mitchell, who was contacting
Nicole’s secretary, but unexpectedly, he
was rejected!

The two of them then came out for lunch
and saw Nicole on a date with lan Carter,
so how could Eric be in a good mood?
Suddenly remembering something, Keith
hurriedly asked, “I heard that your family
heirloom was auctioned off by your
mother and sister?”
At the mention of this, Eric’s face became
even colder and he did not speak.
“Who bought it? Why don’t you just spend
more money to buy it back?”
Eric glanced coldly at Keith. “Nicole
bought it.”
Keith did not know what to say and only
let out a faint “oh”. “That would be difficult
Perhaps after seeing those two men that
Nicole despised, she did not have much o

fan appetite and felt uninterested in the
They had some wine, so Nicole planned o
n going home to rest after lunch. The
wine lan recommended was sweet in the
mouth yet it burned her throat. It also had
a high alcohol percentage because she
felt tipsy after just one glass.
Nicole would have suspected that lan
had spiked the wine if it were not for him
being tipsier than she was at the moment.
She held her forehead, called Logan, and
told him to get someone to pick her up.
She then intended to go to the bathroom t
o wash her face and sober up a bit.
Nicole did not walk very steadily, but she
still managed to make her way to the
bathroom and wash her face. After she
sobered up, she regretted coming out
with lan.

She remembered the route back to the
private room, but when she turned a
corner, she bumped into someone.
As soon as she raised her eyes, Nicole
saw Eric’s cold face with his eyebrows
tightly knitted together. She instantly
sobered up and immediately took a step
back to keep her distance.
“Mr. Ferguson?”
Eric noticed her movement and his eyes
sank slightly. “What a coincidence,
Nicole raised her eyebrows. “It’s not. I
was about to leave.”
She was stopped by him before she could
walk past him.
“Let’s talk.”

“Talk about what?” Nicole looked at him
“You know what,” Eric spoke and locked
his eyes onto her.
Nicole laughed and no longer felt tipsy. “I
don’t think there’s anything to talk about
between us. For work matters, please
contact my assistant.”
Her phone rang at that time. It was
probably the driver. Just as Nicole was
about to leave, Eric said, “You can state
any condition you like, but I must take the
‘So he’s here for the emerald pipe. Old
Master Ferguson must’ve found out since
it’s been a day. I guess Quinn and Ingrid
must be pretty miserable now…’
“Mr. Ferguson, do you still not
understand? Since yesterday, I ignored

you guys no matter what conditions you
offered. It means rejection.” Nicole
smiled brightly.


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