The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Apology

The photo Nicole posted was the one of Wendy Quade and Eric
Ferguson sleeping together. Their intimacy was self-evident.
What was originally a sharp weapon used to hurt Nicole became a
shield for her to protect herself.
Nicole’s statement was as follows:
[Dear Mr. Ferguson,
I was deeply sorry to hear that ‘Daydream’ was stolen, so I hired a
private detective to track it down overnight.

The detective found the
jewelry across the Atlantic Ocean in Germany, at the hands of Ms. Ingrid
Ferguson. It seems that Ms. Ferguson is quite a world-class gambler.
I hope that you will investigate this thoroughly before jumping to

Nicole also attached the well-known private detective’s investigation
report as well as another photo of “Daydream” that was on a gambling
table with Ingrid Ferguson.
In an instant, the already viral gossip became even more turbulent. Eric
Ferguson’s divorced ex-wife, Nicole, was put in such a vulnerable
position, yet she hired a reputable private detective agency and even
cleared her name during the day without disturbing anyone’s rest.

Her statement was also justified and concise.
Moreover, that photo of Eric Ferguson and Wendy Quade together
implied the reason for their divorce – adultery.
Who was the unprincipled one in this relationship?
The netizen’s voices instantly changed directions. Needless to say,
Nicole’s innocence was proven. She was blatantly accused without

Everyone started sharing her post. All of a sudden, the
Fergusons became the subject of this scandal.
Eric Ferguson had a few drinks with some friends that night and did not
expect that so much had happened overnight. Even their stocks began
to plummet by the morning.
Early in the morning, Eric’s face was extremely glum as he sat in his

He exuded a chilly air that his assistant, Mitchell, only stood
there with trepidation and dared not breathe too loudly.
“Who authorized the use of our company’s main account to post such a
statement?” Eric gritted his teeth. His eyes were cold and stern.
“Madam Quinn ordered this last night, saying that she has already
informed you.”

Eric swept everything off his desk, which clattered all over the floor.
The man’s gaze was harsh and piercing. “When has this company ever
listened to the Madam’s orders? Fire everyone in the PR Department!”
Mitchell’s heart trembled. “Y-Yes, sir.”
“Get rid of that news on the internet immediately!” An abysmal storm
was brewing under the man’s dark eyes.

Mitchell bowed his head and spoke stiffly, “President Dominic of Falcon
Entertainment has already given word to lock this news for 24 hours. No
one can remove it.”
Falcon Entertainment was the top player in the entertainment industry,
so no one dared to go against them.
Eric’s face was stormy. ‘Ha! I didn’t know that Nicole is so capable! Dear
Mr. Ferguson?

Does she think that this was my idea and at my behest?’
The man’s face was tense. His eyes were cold and stern. Suddenly, his
phone rang. When he saw that it was from his mother, he hung up the
call without thinking.
‘I didn’t allow her to call the police, so she made such a big scandal?! If
Nicole didn’t find the whereabouts of ‘Daydream’, would she have
taken the blame for this?’

The thought of this made Eric even more enraged.
His phone rang incessantly. Eric looked at the caller ID again and
frowned – Father.
“Get Nicole to delete that post immediately! Is this not embarrassing
enough? Do it now!” Charles Ferguson’s voice was deep as he
suppressed a huge wave of anger.

“Eric, bring that b*tch back. How dare she do this?! She must be taught
a lesson!” Quinn grabbed the phone and roared.
Eric closed his eyes and said in a deep and cold voice, “Did she do
anything wrong? It’s obvious that Ingrid took away ‘Daydream’, so why
frame Nicole?”

He was mad at Nicole’s emotionless statement as if there was no way
that they could reconcile.
‘Even if Nicole did not respond, would I just stand by and watch her get
wrongly accused? Did she have no trust in me at all?’
However, he was more angered by the fact that his mother righteously
accused Nicole without remorse.

Quinn was told off by her son, so she begrudgingly defended herself.
“How would I know that Ingrid took it? Hasn’t it always been in your
safe? Who else would’ve taken the necklace but Nicole?”
“It’s not too late to apologize to Nicole now.” The man’s gaze was dark.

This was a PR crisis, and they needed to solve it within the golden hour.
“What? Apologize? That b*tch is the one who should apologize! She’s
just an ungrateful gold-digger with unknown origins and even dared to
put our family in a crisis?! Bring her back and watch how I’ll teach this
b*tch a lesson!”
“We’re already divorced…”

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